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Dogwood Anthracnose has been slowly moving through Michigan, destroying native stands of flowering dogwood, Cornus florida, for nearly ten years.
In the November 1996 PHYTOPATHOLOGY, they reported that combines indeed spew dust infected with Asian anthracnose at least 250 meters.
An indigenous dogwood tree found at Catoctin Mountain Park in northern Maryland is believed to be resistant to dogwood anthracnose, a fungal disease that has swept from New England through the Appalachian Mountains in little more than 20 years.
This study examines demographic factors (host density and size structure) that might affect the spread of dogwood anthracnose through a natural host population.
What Dickman does know about alfalfa anthracnose is that when a spore from the disease-causing fungus Colletotricum trifolii lands on an alfalfa leaf, it grows a long tube that develops a cushion-like structure at its tip that penetrates the leaf.
Variations of several anthracnose fungi in virulence to strawberry and apple.
In late August we estimated damage as the proportion of the total leaf area occupied by anthracnose lesions.
An experiment was conducted at Horticulture Research and Extension Station, Devihosur, Haveri to study the efficacy and phytotoxicity of pyraclostrobin 20% WG (Headline) against anthracnose of chilli caused by Colletotrichum capsici.
increase in atmospheric humidity can put their mango orchards at risk of catching Anthracnose and Bacterial Blight diseases besides attack of mango midge and advised them to apply suitable fungicide.