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We examined patterns of anthracnose infection in a natural population of flowering dogwoods, Cornus florida.
What Dickman does know about alfalfa anthracnose is that when a spore from the disease-causing fungus Colletotricum trifolii lands on an alfalfa leaf, it grows a long tube that develops a cushion-like structure at its tip that penetrates the leaf.
Variations of several anthracnose fungi in virulence to strawberry and apple.
In late August we estimated damage as the proportion of the total leaf area occupied by anthracnose lesions.
Prevent anthracnose by removing the lower branches to prevent the fungus from splashing up to foliage.
Maxtima fungicide and Navicon Intrinsic brand fungicides have outstanding rainfastness and help provide effective and longer-lasting control of turfgrass diseases, like anthracnose, fairy ring, spring dead spot and dollar spot.
Morphological and molecular characterization of Colletotrichum species causing anthracnose of grape in India.
The control of banana anthracnose is an essential post-harvest component of fruit quality (SAGOUA et al., 2011).
bacterial infection and raises possibility of Anthracnose attack.
MULTAN -- Overnight rain received in Multan and its adjoining areas would be beneficial for crops in rain-fed as well as irrigated areas, however, mango farmers needed to be cautious against possibility of bacterial infection and Anthracnose attack.
Although, rain would improve fruiting to mango orchards but there was also threat of bacterial infection and anthracnose. Black spots could emerge on mango leaves.
In the test conducted by the SLC Agrfcola (Schneider Logemann & Cia) research team, in 2011/12, UFUS Milionaria presented moderate resistance against the diseases leaf spot (Corynespora cassiicola), Asian rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi) and anthracnose. In addition, the cultivar also showed excellent grain yielding results (Table 4).