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Francis Bacon observed that it often impedes our understanding of the natural world, as what he called "The Idol of the Tribe": "For it is a false assertion that the sense of man is the measure of things." (38) Put differently, anthropomorphism amounts to a "cognitive bias" (39) and as such impedes one's ability to regard things as they are--that is, ontologically.
She concluded that the difference is that personification is treated as synonym of an embodiment while anthropomorphism is used in general contexts.
The Child Mechanical is a particular strand of anthropomorphism that does not simply ascribe human characteristics to inanimate objects, but rather, projects childish characteristics onto machinery.
* understand the term anthropomorphic and create an artwork showing anthropomorphism.
Studies also found that anthropomorphism also functioned as a coping mechanism for loneliness when human connections are not available.
I thought I'd learned that, while a fan of adult anthropomorphism (obviously) I wasn't one of adult "stress-relieving" colouring books.
It is worth remarking that Woolf's use of "as if" in "The Death of the Moth" is more frequent than Lawrence's sole use of it in "Snake." There are no occasions in this essay where the more common connective words "like" and "as" introduce similes concerning her moth, whereas Lawrence more readily turns to these terms that offer more blatant signals of anthropomorphism (the snake "looked around like a god" [(1923) 1999, 100] and seemed "like a king," as noted above).There is something particularly suitable about the chosen "as if" to introduce these similes; in its less certain, more conditional comparison it presents an added hesitation in the attempt to find a rhythm that expresses the relationship between human and nonhuman.
And while his delivery makes him more of a horseracing than social commentator, the intelligent material - which ran the gamut from high-brow "must-see" TV to Vikings, anthropomorphism to the world's depleting helium stocks - made for a refreshingly entertaining evening.
argues, is that we too readily think of acting or of being acted upon from our own narrow anthropomorphism and read God's actions in the same light.
Documentary films are the focus of several chapters, including James Leo Cahill's exploration of the distinctions between anthropomorphism and anthropocentrism in the films of Jean Painleve and Genevieve Hamon and David Ingram's rhetorical analysis of An Inconvenient Truth (Davis Gugenheim, 2006).
In so doing I touch on questions such as sentience, anthropomorphism and language while engaging with the writings of amongst others Peter Singer and Jacques Derrida.
This understanding infuses Mary Ellen's images with an unsentimental poignancy and a fully intentional anthropomorphism that, while sometimes ironic and other times unsettling, always render photographs that are remarkably engaging.