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In case of stoppage of production of milk in mother's breast, there is no need of anti-biotic medicines but psychological therapy to her to cure the problem, he said.
Following the injury, it may be advisable to run a course of anti-biotics depending upon severity.
Namibian laws do not allow the use of modified organisms, hormones, and anti-biotic feed supplements and as a result local producers are faced with higher production costs compared to competitors from countries that allow the use of hormones in milk production.
The source added that currently the Japanese market has strong demand for hormone, anti-biotic, Penicillin, and anti-cancer drugs.
On August 5, Lynn popped a Co-Amoxiclav Curan, an over-the-counter anti-biotic for flu-like and sore throat symptoms," says a close friend.
My shocked GP offered me the choice of an anti-biotic injection or immediate hospitalisation to deal with Septicemia.
What we''ve been trying to do in the last two years is bring all the processes together so everyone is doing best practice like anti-biotic prescribing, hand hygiene, isolation - we''re all doing the same now rather than doing everything in a different way, which is where we were before.
The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) proposed that direct-entry midwives be granted limited prescriptive authority to prescribe vitamin K, rho-gam, anti-biotic eye treatment for newborns, and anti-hemorrhagic drugs.
Madoff said people who are in close contact with an infected person, such as a boyfriend or girlfriend, are contacted by state health authorities and are advised to receive a round of anti-biotic treatment.
Having latest equipment in the IV field, Qatar Pharma will provide a wide range of life-saving IV solutions including anti-bacterial, anti-biotic, volume expanders, amino acids, neonatal poly electrolytes, carbohydrates, rehydration IV and irrigation.
By using this product, the use of anti-biotic ointment will not be necessary.
During the course of his intensive care unit admission, in spite of anti-biotic administration, his inflammatory parameters remained high.