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Several herbs such as garlic, goldenseal, myrrh, usnea, and uva ursi have antibiotic effects.
Molecular characterization of an antibiotic resistance gene cluster of Salmonella typhimurium DT104, Antimicrob Agents Chemother 1999;43:846-9.
When the woman is taking antibiotics, sometimes the intestinal bacteria are inhibited, which in turn inhibits the usual re-absorption of estrogen.
This article will address these questions with infection-control strategies aimed specifically at the problem of antibiotic resistance, with particular attention being given to MRSA.
Still, we needed to get veterinarians to break their habit of reaching for Zeniquin's older main competitor whenever they wanted a `big gun' antibiotic to treat a tough case.
Scientists are trying to evaluate the odds that exposure to these genes will transfer antibiotic resistance to other populations of bacteria, animals, even humans.
Antibiotic resistance is potentially a serious risk to human health.
People who aren't at risk but manage to get some antibiotic from their physician or over the Internet are getting no benefit from the drug.
Overcrowding of fish, overuse of antibiotics and careless husbandry has left the Chilean salmon business straddling a fine line between meeting the demand it has created and following basic health practices respected abroad.
With this antibiotic, physicians will now be able to use Avelox(R) for appropriate patients to ensure they get the treatment they need, and get better, faster.
Sometimes physicians will treat the child with an antibiotic to hasten the elimination of the fluid.
Tendinopathies are chemically induced by the antibiotic and appear usually as tendinitis toward the end or shortly after the course of antibiotics is completed.