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Nowadays, maximum of the antibiotics are broad spectrum antibiotics so they kill all bacteria, also the beneficial ones.
It occurs naturally, but misuse of antibiotics in humans and animals is majorly accelerating the process.
The livestock sector is a leading consumer of antibiotics.
Any time antibiotics are used, they can cause side effects and lead to antibiotic resistance.
The use of antibiotics in humans has increased by 36 percent in a few decades.
Khalid Naeem Khawaja, One Health Expert and Adjunct Professor Microbiology at National Agricultural Research Council said that Antibiotics are also known as antimicrobial drugs, are drugs that fight infections caused by bacteria in both humans and animals.
One theme was the use of antibiotics for perioperative prophylaxis in patients with prosthetic joints and valvular heart disease.
Antibiotics have been used in medicine since the 1930s, saving millions of lives.
A 2012 Consumer Reports survey found that 72 percent of people were "extremely" or "very" concerned about the widespread use of antibiotics in animal feed.
Interventions might include policies that deal with dose and duration of antibiotics, prior authorization by an antibiotic expert, and other measures.
For example, a virus 90-98% of the time causes acute sinusitis, so antibiotics are not recommended.

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