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Grading system of the degree of red cell agglutination observed in the antibody screening tests and direct antiglobulin tests, indicating the amount of antigen or antibody present.
Maternal antibody screening was positive for anti-D and presence of D antigen in newborn.
3 Antibody screening technology: A technology which selects antibodies suited to the target purpose from among a range of antibodies.
Evaluation of the ID-gel test for antibody screening and identification.
Antibody screening performed as a part of the routine workup was positive and anti Cw was identified.
A downward trend by participants in the use of all tube-testing methods and a corresponding upward trend in gel testing for antibody screening were observed (see Table 3).
Furthermore, we highlight the importance of irregular antibody screening for women with significant obstetric history and fetal hydrops.
The HLA system: immunobiology, HLA typing, antibody screening and crossmatching techniques.
6) Studies have provided evidence that the gel antibody screen has increased sensitivity over previously established antibody screening methodologies (5,7,8) and aids in the early detection of weak antibodies using relatively small amounts of patient plasma.
Persistent reactivity of the antibody screening assay with a simultaneous lack of any change in the WB pattern suggests the absence of HIV infection.
It accurately measures cell confluence and growth in 96-well plates and is suited for measuring hybridoma clones in antibody screening for therapeutic and diagnostic research and development.
Mr Bunce said: "There are a variety of methods already on the market for carrying out transplant genotyping or antibody screening, but existing methods are either difficult to perform in large quantities, time-consuming, expensive, or require specialist interpretation.