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(130) Foreseeability is an element of proximate cause in tort law, defined as "[t]he quality of being reasonably anticipatable." Id.
Despite #1, expect human mistakes and build your system to fully absorb every anticipatable mistake without patient impact (much the same as aircraft manufacturers build in backup systems to backup the backup systems);
(276) Firmed and shaped energy refers to renewable energy that, due to its intermittent flow, is coupled with other more controllable types of energy for anticipatable or constant transmission.
Garfinkel is interested in how people sustain social orderliness through interactions they come to share as familiar and anticipatable. Any effort to use language to get to bedrock, universal meaning, or "brute facts" is impossible.
Cognition-based trust is grounded in predictability and knowing the other party sufficiently well so that the other's behavior is anticipatable (McAllister 1995).
Some of the general, anticipatable, and most visible barriers to adopting its Western-centric curricula are: (1) lack of qualified faculty to teach recommended courses; (2) inadequate computer equipment, instructional materials, and support to conduct practical and investigative courses; (3) students without requisite educational backgrounds and language abilities to succeed with the rigorous, challenging content the report advocates; (4) university administrative structures that protect corrupt practices and cannot effectively recruit, compensate, and retain qualified faculty; and (5) a scarcity of profitable media organizations to attract successful graduates and reward them with jobs that allow them to practice their new skills.
It is instances like this of anticipatable but uncontrollable events where good communication and pre-construction socio-economic development will facilitate mutually beneficial project advancement.
One might think that the contingency of feeling reluctant on the day of performance is sufficiently anticipatable that it would be morally and socially peculiar for either party to mention it.