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Originations are expected to increase lending for commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) (89 percent anticipate growth to be greater than 5 percent), bank portfolios (56 percent anticipate growth to be greater than 5 percent), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (46 percent anticipate growth to be greater than 5 percent), pension/life insurance companies (41 percent anticipate growth to be greater than 5 percent) and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) (19 percent anticipate growth to be greater than 5 percent).
Sizeable percentages of commercial appraisers anticipate more demand for summary appraisals (44 percent) and limited/restricted use appraisals (33 percent) during the next one to two years.
Half the respondents anticipate no change in capital investment (50%) with 28% anticipating an increase and 22% anticipating a decrease.
Timmins Real Estate Board president Richard Leroux says the reason for the healthy market right now is due to the price of base and precious metals, but he anticipates De Beers "will have a tremendous impact.
* Understanding people -- Executives who handle interpersonal situations well are able to recognize underlying agendas; gauge how these agendas may conflict with one another; and anticipate the probable effects and likely unintended consequences of a chosen course of action.
Indeed, if the dynamics generated by disasters anticipate the politics of the future, then inundacion!
NHGRI anticipates that the science and technology needed to reduce sequencing costs by four orders of magnitude, whether by the nanopore or some other approach, will require substantial basic research and development, and may take as long as ten years to achieve.
While some anticipate that such claims, including mental-nervous claims for various behavioral health and psychiatric-type conditions, may arise in the near future, others do not expect many more claims.
TI will continue to anticipate the needs of this market and offer manufacturers the most advanced, feature-rich DSPs available."
Canadian employers anticipate an average increase to their salary budget of 3.7% for 2001, according to a recent survey.
Schuyler had not anticipated the marvelous complexities in the development of jazz, breakdancing, hip hop, or the rise of gospel; he did not have the foresight to anticipate our Hank Aarons, Michael Jordans, or Flo Jos.
Prior studies indicate that this so-called "expectancy wave" arises when volunteers consciously anticipate making a planned movement or receiving a conditioned reward or punishment.