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We must separate here in the hour, and when we meet again upon the deck of the Kincaid, let us hope that we shall have with us two honoured guests who little anticipate the pleasant voyage we have planned for them.
Do you suppose I could for a moment anticipate that he would destroy himself, when I wrote my reply?
And he knows his one freedom: he may anticipate the day of his death.
We also anticipate increased revenue from ATVs and parts, garments and accessories to result in another record sales year and increased earnings per share in fiscal 2007.
As the New Jersey real estate market comes to the sobering conclusion that every year will not be as robust as 2000 and some anticipate a slow-down in the economy, the region's prime example of explosive growth and possibly the leading indicator of the market's strength, Jersey City, finds itself in a very secure position.
482-7(j) and must reasonably anticipate that it will derive benefits from the use of covered intangibles.
The manager should anticipate the substantive and relationship priorities of the other party and the negotiation strategy the other party is likely to select.
We anticipate our cash balance at December 31, 2006 to be relatively consistent with prior periods.
we may not be as successful as we anticipate in managing the integration of Preserver, including with respect to realizing cost savings and distributing our products through Preserver's agencies;
along with additional master contracts currently under discussion in the hospitality and healthcare industries, we do anticipate a robust calendar 2007 in both revenues and positive earnings.
The LOI is only a statement of the intent of the parties and does not, and is not intended to, create a binding agreement requiring either to complete the anticipate transaction.