anticipate danger

See: fear
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Cars can customise the driving experience for individual drivers; learn preferred/typical routes and use them, make diversions where necessary on routes where there may be road works, adjust its route and driving based on weather conditions, and anticipate danger and eliminate accidents.
When you defend your box at a dead-ball situation you need intensity and to anticipate danger.
Strong enough to cope with the physical, clever enough to anticipate danger, fast enough to get away with what few errors he does make.
Scientists said that the kind of "reasoned inference" shown by the New Caledonian crows under these controlled conditions could also be utilised in the wild to anticipate danger or food.
Problem: You're able to anticipate danger well but tend toward toxic worrying, getting caught up in the infinite web of what if
He might not be the quickest but when you read a game as well as he does, you can anticipate danger before it gets out of hand.
RECOGNISE and anticipate danger and keep clear space from it.
Without panic, American Jews are monitoring developments and acting prudently to anticipate danger, protect themselves, educate others and fight this and other ancient prejudices.
Maldini confirmed his status as one of the all-time great European defenders - as not only does he tackle, anticipate danger and defend magnificently, he is also able to bring the ball out of defence and distribute it.
if Bernson can't anticipate danger zones, then he should hire someone who can.
The public should also insist on rating systems indicating at what point one might anticipate danger, how much time with equipment may be considered safe, and how equipment can be used to the highest degree of safety.