anticipate needs

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By partnering with Brex, the Mastercard World Elite card can deliver on what startups require today to grow their business and anticipate needs for tomorrow.
"That's what makes her unique that she's able to anticipate needs. She also just brings a great, positive attitude to the job."
As we continue to advance our work on AI-driven developments, it is important that we listen to our users today and further enhance Erica to align to client feedback to better meet and anticipate needs."
From transportation solutions, to life cycle management, and to research and development, all sustainment efforts are important to ensuring our force has what it needs today, is sustained in the highest working condition, and can anticipate needs for the future.
Internet giants have been investing heavily in creating software to help machines think more like people, ideally acting as virtual assistants who get to know users and perhaps even anticipate needs.
Features such as advanced financial management and money management add value to customers while providing financial institutions with the data and ability to anticipate needs and personalize interactions.
It will use cloud-stored data and algorithms to predict and try to anticipate needs.
Understanding and analysing changing customer patterns can help anticipate needs, and encourage desired behaviours.
The Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education, and Support Act of 2014 (Autism CARES Act of 2014 or the Combating Autism Reauthorization Act of 2014) "authorizes $1.3 billion over five years for research into autism and urges federal agencies to examine and anticipate needs for autistic children who are "aging out" of current programs and need different assistance as adults," according to The Autism Society.
This new architecture, which launched yesterday, enhances the Sprint Velocity platform by simplifying and speeding the delivery of connected car services resulting in increased flexibility for auto manufacturers and an improved driver experience that can anticipate needs.
Peer deeply into your clients' financial futures, and you can help them anticipate needs they may not even know they have.
Drawing on some 30 years of experience, Fleishman provides fellow practitioners with a practical guide to help patients, families, and the treatment team anticipate needs before they arise.