anticipated loan

See: advance
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Net income is down slightly for the third quarter of 2015 due to the anticipated loan loss provision necessary to book the indirect consumer loan portfolio purchase.
It also measure anticipated loan demand and share deposit growth for the credit union six months out.
The 2013 NPL ratios could reach 15 to 16 per cent due to more conservative recognition of impaired loans and lower than previously anticipated loan growth," said Surya Subramanian, Emirates NBD's Chief Financial Officer.
3bn more in capital and buffer reserves by the end-of-the month to help cover anticipated loan losses over the next three years.
In a statement to the Bulgarian media issued Thursday, Atanasov claimed the Finance Minister had sent a letter to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development suggesting that the much anticipated loan for the Plovdiv Municipality be postponed.
In the UK it was targeting a 25% increase in customer deposits from the midcorporate sectors and anticipated loan growth of around 7%.
Differences between original and reestimated subsidy cost estimates per $100 disbursed were, in part, due to market interest rates that were lower than originally forecasted, greater than anticipated loan consolidation, and the availability of additional data on student loans.
3) Anticipated loan losses and collection expense increases.
SBA said it had developed a new model that will reduce the amount of money it must hold back to cover anticipated loan defaults, increasing the amount available for lending.
Investment assets (other than assets specified in the preceding paragraphs) held by the bank to satisfy reasonable liquidity needs (including funds needed to meet anticipated loan demands).
Ideally, banks set loan-loss reserves to anticipate any expected loan losses and maintain equity capital as a reserve against anticipated loan losses.
However, some servicers take a more granular approach to their analysis using current local market REO sales and recovery data to determine anticipated loan level recoveries.