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482-7(e)(2), a controlled participants reasonably anticipated benefits are the aggregate benefits it reasonably anticipates it will derive from covered intangibles; it effect, cost shares must equal benefit shares.
The manager should anticipate the substantive and relationship priorities of the other party and the negotiation strategy the other party is likely to select.
along with additional master contracts currently under discussion in the hospitality and healthcare industries, we do anticipate a robust calendar 2007 in both revenues and positive earnings.
Cano anticipates beginning drilling of its initial waterflood pattern of up to 4 water injection wells and 7 producers in the Desdemona Field in the first calendar quarter of 2007, with water injection anticipated to commence in the second calendar quarter of 2007.
The LOI is only a statement of the intent of the parties and does not, and is not intended to, create a binding agreement requiring either to complete the anticipate transaction.
Based on its current level of senior leverage, the Company anticipates the initial credit spread will be lower than the credit spread in the existing facility.
Best anticipates that gross premiums written will remain relatively stable in 2006 (GBP 1.
Celera Genomics anticipates that its fiscal 2007 financial performance will be affected by, among other things, continued growth in demand for current and new diagnostic products and potential revenue from technology licenses and collaborations.
Applied Biosystems currently anticipates the acquisition will be dilutive in both fiscal 2007 and 2008, primarily due to R&D spending, commercialization activities and acquisition related amortization associated with APG.
As per HMA's traditional approach, Fitch anticipates free cash flow will be sufficient to fund the majority of 2006 acquisitions supplemented by temporary revolver borrowings.
Best anticipates a modest profit after tax of approximately EUR 250,000 (USD 296,000) in 2005 factoring losses incurred from the January 2005 U.
The Company has closed this trial and anticipates making a public announcement about the data from this trial before the end of the second quarter 2006.