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Substantial proportions of commercial appraisers anticipate more demand from financial institutions (47 percent), law firms/lawyers (33 percent) and government agencies (25 percent).
Timmins Real Estate Board president Richard Leroux says the reason for the healthy market right now is due to the price of base and precious metals, but he anticipates De Beers "will have a tremendous impact.
Whether starting from scratch or streamlining current digs, space planning has to meet present medical need; anticipate future growth; enhance, not hobble, patient flow; and hit most, if not all, of the must-have items on the physicians' wish list.
Itec anticipates that the plastic produced by the plant will sell for about 55 cents per pound.
NHGRI anticipates that the science and technology needed to reduce sequencing costs by four orders of magnitude, whether by the nanopore or some other approach, will require substantial basic research and development, and may take as long as ten years to achieve.
Prior studies indicate that this so-called "expectancy wave" arises when volunteers consciously anticipate making a planned movement or receiving a conditioned reward or punishment.
1.482-7(c)(1) permits a controlled taxpayer to be a controlled participant in a CSA only if it reasonably anticipates that it will derive benefits from the use of covered intangibles.
[section] 1.482-2(g)(2) defines the term qualified cost-sharing arrangement and requires that the arrangement (1) include two or more eligible participants; (2) be recorded in a contemporaneous, written agreement; (3) provide for a sharing of the costs incurred in developing the intangible by the participants who are to receive a specified interest in any intangible produced; (4) establish a method that reflects a reasonable effort by each eligible participant to share the costs and risks of intangible development, such that each eligible participant's share is proportionate to the benefits that each reasonably anticipates it will receive from the exploitation of intangibles developed under the arrangement; and (5) meet certain administrative requirements of Prop.
For the full year 2012, the company anticipates its total revenue in the range of USD2.5bn to USD2.6bn, reflecting, among other things, the anticipated growth of its promoted products in the US, primarily LO LOESTRIN FE, ATELVIA, ESTRACE CREAM and ASACOL.
EOP does not currently anticipate the need to pay a special dividend.
NHGRI anticipates that successful projects funded through this RFA may be sufficiently advanced as to be approaching early stages of commercialization within about five years.
* P&G analyzes the data using predictive models and anticipates sales of its brands at each Wal-Mart store.