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482-7(c)(1) permits a controlled taxpayer to be a controlled participant in a CSA only if it reasonably anticipates that it will derive benefits from the use of covered intangibles.
Management anticipates a fourth quarter 1992 pre-tax charge of approximately $50 million in connection with the restructuring plan covering costs of inventory liquidation, lease costs, severance, fixed asset and leasehold disposal and operating costs during the shut down period.
With hospital C, the physician executive anticipates interactive scenario 2, and, therefore, the appropriate interactive strategy is C2 (principled collaboration) rather than the initial, trusting collaboration strategy (C1).
With a significantly stronger balance sheet and many new customer relationships, BluePoint anticipates a record year for revenues and earnings in 2007.
Cano anticipates having all 10 Barnett Shale wells in its initial program drilled and completed by February 2007.
Best anticipates a small year-end loss of approximately GBP 60,000 (USD 114,000) for 2006, resulting from a slower than anticipated take-up of the bonds.
Best anticipates a strong recovery in AIL's performance in 2006.
The LOI anticipates that Comlink shall change its name to US Superior Energy Holdings Inc.
Among other provisions, the Company anticipates that the Amended Facility will have the following features:
Realty Income further disclosed that it anticipates real estate portfolio acquisitions should exceed $575 million during 2006, assuming the transaction closes as anticipated.
Best anticipates that ACI will maintain excellent risk-adjusted capitalisation at year-end 2006, taking into account likely future dividend payments and strong investment income.
Celera Anticipates 35 to 40 Percent End-User Sales Growth and a Net Loss of $28 to $35 million for Fiscal 2007, and Targets Profitability by the End of Fiscal 2008