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Predicting the Unthinkable, Anticipating the Impossible: From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to America in the New Century comes from an author who outlined the probability of the collapse of Communism--in the 1980s.
Davis and Warshaw (1992) defined BE as an estimate or subjective probability that a behavior will actually be performed, considering situational factors and past experience and anticipating changes in intentions or control limitations.
Half the respondents anticipate no change in capital investment (50%) with 28% anticipating an increase and 22% anticipating a decrease.
An added bonus is the uptick in patient satisfaction scores that results from anticipating and meeting patient needs without glitches in care coordination and flow.
Typically, socially skilled people are exceptional at recognizing underlying agendas, gauging how these agendas may conflict with one another, and anticipating the probable effects and likely unintended consequences of a chosen course of action.
With respect to turnover, 40% of respondents are anticipating growth in the period January to June 2005, and almost half do not anticipate significant change.
Clerk Brian Clifford said: "We`re anticipating a dry week.
We are anticipating these two leases to be wrapped up pretty soon."
"TI is committed to anticipating the needs of this market and will continue offering manufacturers the most advanced, feature-rich DSPs available."