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In such an adaptive model, unlike an anticipative one, uncertainty information is partially available before the decision, so optimization occurs in a learning environment.
All declarations containing terms such as "think", "anticipate", "plan", "hope", "want", "desire" and all other, similar terms, are anticipative and such declarations involve risks and uncertainties.
41) The notion of "Restored behaviours" also invites the idea of acquired or anticipative behaviours, and this is the acquisitive skill that play can offer.
1) I attempt to remedy this deficiency by borrowing from cue and anticipative reactions theories.
One form of self-explanation identified by Renkl (1997), anticipative reasoning, occurs when a learner--typically with a relatively high level of prior knowledge--anticipates upcoming steps in a worked example (e.
The evening also provided the opportunity for the newly formed choir and orchestra to entertain an anticipative audience.
By adapting our goals to a CBR approach, the grants office review will be collaborative, sensitive to the college culture and context, systematic and rigorous in gathering data, multidimensional, and anticipative of change.
Essentially, the VDIM system senses the driving conditions and makes corrections and adjustments (to the brakes, throttle, steering) as required, but in such a way that it is more anticipative rather than reactive.
Oller (1990) suggested that surveys of business professionals provide anticipative judgments that offer clues pertaining to changes in business cycles from expansion to contraction or vice versa.
The terrain and weather conditions on Attu placed the logisticians in a reactive instead of an anticipative mode throughout most of the operation.
Consequently, whenever human agency occasionally enters the discussion, it does so in the passive voice, so as to avoid the vital question of who is doing what to whom: "The dogmatic image [of the typical Hollywood movie] is conceived in advance of the empirical vicissitudes and thereby projects itself into the future as an anticipative matrix .
Characters living in this bucolic Utopia soon randomly blather about how from this moment on, they have nothing but boundless hope for the future, doggerel that somehow seems rather more elegiac than sincerely anticipative, coming, as it does, from the word processor of a writer long past his protagonists' age.