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"If you build it, he will come: Anticipative power transmission planning" Energy Economics 36: 135-146.
The anticipative use of idioms can render headlines more expressive and interesting, which might animate the reader's interest to proceed with the article.
This anticipative capacity and planning of the future allow problems to be creatively solved (Baird, Smallwood, Mrazek, Kam, Franklin & Schooler, 2012).
Ramos, "Autonomous agents and anticipative systems," in Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Workshop on Object-Oriented Real-Time Dependable Systems, WORDS '05, pp.
This type of anticipative reaction from a closed loop system is highly desired, since it prevents large deviations in the system state variables.
A HCS scenario is characterized by being connected, context-sensitive, personal, adaptive, and anticipative. The IoT is capable of providing all characteristics necessary for a smart assisted living environment.
Alstom's Tiltronix anticipative tilting technology allows the train to manoeuvre around curves safely and more comfortably up to the maximum speeds set for the line.
The train also includes Alstoms innovative Tiltronix anticipative tilting technology, which allows the train to manoeuvre curves safely and more comfortably at high speeds.
Brooklyn office remains an anticipative bargain at $40 per.
Theyalso possess the four ethological abilities required for presenting expectative behavior: knowing the areas where food is usually available, having some rather long-lasting memory, being rather provident, and presenting some anticipative behavior.
Based on this, we propose the third hypothesis to examine if Henan's PFMC reform attains the anticipative results: the PFMC reform promoted the fiscal revenue growth of 24 pilot units.