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Inspired by the earlier typology of Miller and colleagues, (16) they separate sexually inexperienced teenagers into two groups: delayers, who have not had sex and do not expect to do so in the next year, and anticipators, who have not had sex but anticipate doing so in the next year.
After him various anticipators in their vast historic view point anticipated that the Tele-working would be the preferential organizing work in the future.
He went on to assert that this difference explains why a helicopter pilot is so different from an airplane pilot: The latter "are open, clear-eyed, buoyant, extroverts;" the former "brooders, introspective anticipators of trouble.
The EE Anticipators segment is dominated by customers who are very inclined to participate in DSM programs but have not yet done so extensively.
Strictly speaking, then, Hobbes cannot be numbered among the "philosophical anticipators of laissez-faire," but he did supply the vital problem that "spurred" them on (3).
Compared with delayers, anticipators reported riskier peer behaviors and less attachment to family, school and church.
Anticipators often must forego hobbies or recreational time with their families.
Forward inferences serve as anticipators for some future event or development of the present input.
25 Because these doctrines are consistent with those of the monetary approach to the balance of payments, Skaggs (1999) interprets the Banking School as early anticipators of that approach.
For an incisive study of the philosophical anticipators of Adam Smith's ideas on the importance of self-interest, see Milton L.
He suggests that in the 1990s, management in the best companies "will be better anticipators of change, willing to commit resources freely and determined to stay the course".