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She rebounds tenaciously for someone her age, has a good sense of timing and is a terrific anticipator.
Historically a stamping supplier of brackets, supports, and other structural components to auto and truck makers, the company has a proven track record of not just being a respondent to customers' demands and supplier guidelines, but more as an anticipator of those needs, being among the first to implement operational enhancements that become standards for others to then follow.
Ironically, he was seen as a "superb anticipator of opposition attacks" and an excellent distributor of the ball.
In a series of close readings, focusing on the poems 'Vitzliputzli', 'Bimini', 'Waldeinsamkeit' and 'Jehuda ben Halevy', Cooks casts Heine as both a precursor of postcolonial literary practice and an anticipator of Freud's concept of repressed collective memory, specifically the repressed memory of the origins of the Jewish people.
Wells, Aldous Huxley, and Kafka ("the greatest anticipator of the present") have contributed to its development.
Also, if your firm is an order taker rather than an order anticipator, you should elevate the constraint as long as the orders taken are larger than the bottleneck capacity.
I'm acting as an anticipator as opposed to a reactor to the stock price movement.
And she is obviously not an anticipator of Fulgentius, treating Vergil as a `code' to be `deciphered'.
and German work) features a jam anticipator and automatic lap control that eliminates lap variation at any speed; a new no-scuff roll that uses a double coating to resist ink buildup.
JB: Bowles is a kind of proto-postmodernist, a sort of anticipator of something, but of course, as some high-tech critics have said, you can take any device from modernism and from postmodernism and if you know enough about the literary/art history you can trace the provenance of any aspect of what we are doing back to the beginning no doubt.
One study,[68] using a qualitative research design, showed that women diagnosed with GDM experience considerable guilt and anticipator anxiety about future problems with the fetus.