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Compared with delayers, anticipators in the study by Whitaker and colleagues reported more risky behaviors, such as smoking, using alcohol and drugs, and carrying a weapon; they also were more likely to have friends who engaged in risky behaviors, but they were less likely to report parental monitoring.
We aimed to further characterize the factors affecting transition to first intercourse among delayers and anticipators by analyzing longitudinal data from a randomly selected, national sample.
Those who reported little or no chance were classified as delayers, and those reporting a 50% or greater chance were categorized as anticipators.
No difference was found between delayers and anticipators in terms of self-control or self-esteem, and neither factor contributed significantly to models that predicted the transition to first intercourse.
In initial analyses, an ordinal measure of expected educational level was included, but this measure did not differ significantly between anticipators and delayers or influence the transition to first sex, so it was excluded from the analysis.
To identify differences in frequency distributions and mean scores between delayers and anticipators, we used two-tailed Student t-tests.
We modeled the likelihood of initiating intercourse within one year first for the entire sample and then separately for delayers and anticipators.
The most common response among delayers was a desire to wait until marriage (32%); only 12% of anticipators cited this reason.
The more common contemporary division was simply between an 'old' and a 'new' generation of economists, with a hunt for neglected predecessors yielding a long list of anticipators of what had newly been rediscovered.
These placed his Principles in the context of its anticipators, and concluded with some treatment of the development of Marshall's economics by the Cambridge school of the 1920s and 1930s.