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The geometry of this non-outcropping anticline is that of a fault-propagating fold and is in structural contrast with that of the Paniala Anticline.
Sakhi Sarwar, Drigri and Kotrun anticlines which lie in the south of Zindapir anticline, a part of Safed Koh trend (N-S trending), which is a rst line of folding on the folded ank of Sub-Sulaiman Foredeep.
The Makarwal Active Back Thrust along with another east vergent active back thrust splays from the forelimb of a buried anticline underneath the Makarwal Anticline forming the top of a second tectonic wedge.
During the current field investigation two small-scale faults have been mapped which are associated with major structures such as Domanda Anticline.
The present study, therefore, suggest that the Karak anticline has the potential for economic concentration of heavy minerals, especially zircon, gold and silver.
Coal is being mined from Bara Formation (Middle Paleocene age) in the Lakhra Coal field on the crest of Lakhra anticline located 30 km NW of Hyderabad.
But in the anticline it is difficult to identify small patches with the low resolution imagery where the formation is not much larger in size and difficult to identify.
A vertical exploration well Naga Selatan-2 is to be drilled in the Mahakam Hilir PSC on the Pelarang anticline located nearly 1.
Moreover, the syntectonic unconformities developed in the upper part of the stratigraphic succession record the timing of the anticline growth.
By 1989, the Duperow Formation on the Billings Anticline was the second most prolific hydrocarbon producer (1).