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Fencer's Bone" * found in the brachialis anticus due to the overextension of the forearm (7) * most common in fencers and baseball pitchers.
The Adson's test assesses whether or not the neurovascular bundle is being compressed as it passes between the scalenus medius and anticus.
Item est tamen Hispania afflicta alia gravissima afflictione, quod tanta fames et tam valida ibi per continuum septenium viguit, quod pater non poterat consulere filio, nec filius patri, nec anticus amico, nec consaguineus consanguineo, et qui divites erant facti sunt pauperes, et qui pauperes mortui sunt.
A nine-year-old boy shouted that he wanted his tibialis anticus .
Surgical treatment for symptoms produced by cervical ribs and the scalenus anticus muscle.