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Utilization of extracorporeal elimination methods are suggested in patients who have no clinical improvement in respiratory failure (intermediate syndrome) and cholinergic manifestations despite antidotal and supportive treatment.
3--Lucius has just transformed into an ass when he espies an antidotal garland of roses decorating a shrine of the horse goddess Epona within the stable:
Lost of Dendritic Connectivity in CA1,CA2,CA3 Neutron in Hippocompas in Rat under Aluminium Toxicity, Antidotal Effect of Pyridoxine.
Portable bladder ultrasound was chosen as a reliable measure of bladder volume based on evidence, organizational clinical experts' opinion, the organization's experience with the use of portable bladder ultrasound scanners, and antidotal patient satisfaction with a noninvasive instrument.
Ruta species are sources of diverse classes of natural products such as flavonoids, alkaloids, essential oils, coumarins, phenols, saponins lignans, and triterpenes, with biological activities including antifungal, antioxidant, phytotoxic, abortive, depressant, antidotal and anti-inflammatory [15,10,12,20,21].
The Development of New Structural Analogues of Oximes for the Antidotal Treatment of Poisoning by Nerve Agents and the Comparison of Their Reactivating and Therapeutic Efficacy with Currently Available Oximes.
Prof Baillie added that the team are also looking at the possibility that tea could have antidotal qualities.
Antidotal feedback indicates that we have met our goal to develop an evolving, helpful web site specifically designed for nurse managers.
Although these patients recovered from cardiac glycoside poisonings following antidotal and supportive therapies, approximately 2,000 deaths occur each year in Sri Lanka following intentional self-poisoning with yellow oleander (Thevetia peruviana) seeds, which contain two highly cardiotoxic thevetin glycosides.
Acute toxicity studies of aluminum compounds: antidotal efficacy of several chelating agents.