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coli and the F18 specific antigenic determinant "a" had happened and thus confirming the two E.
Cross-reactivity experiments indicated that the amino acid sequence -Xaa-Pro-Thr-COON (where Xaa is a basic amino acid) at B28-B30 is the antigenic determinant.
Antigenic determinants as binding targets of antibodies can be divided into two categories: linear (sequential, continuous) and nonlinear (conformational, discontinuous).
As all the surface SGPs act as blood group antigenic determinants and receptor sites for viruses, bacteria and parasites, the presence of higher number of SGPs within the membrane of goat, buffalo and pig erythrocyte indicates the higher immunological response of the animals as compared to human.
These CAP-RASTs are 80-90% specific, with a lower sensitivity, but react only with the major antigenic determinants (allergy to minor determinants is tested by skin prick testing).
Sixty patients underwent skin testing to antigenic determinants of penicillin and imipenem (8).
The relatively new field of glycoimmunology has emerged from the marriage of glycobiology and immunology, in recognition of the important role carbohydrates play as antigenic determinants.
Using vesicular stomatitis virus and prostate and melanoma derived libraries, this is curative in mice and we have established its mechanisms and the key antigenic determinants (Nature Medicine, Nature Biotechnology).