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New therapeutic alternatives are even more desirable in the present scenario where pentavalent antimonial over the years gradually have acquired resistance (Sundar and Chatterjee 2006).
In the past 12 years, the proportion of antimonial treatments decreased from 100% to 2.
GTM or meglumine antimoniate is a synthetic anti-leishmanial drug based on pentavalent antimonial (Sbv) that have been clinically recommended as first line drug to treat the infections by L.
The hoisting device comprises a part of biological protection against ionizing radiation tungsten alloy and another antimonial lead.
Burchell took 'some antimonial powder' and then, unable to stay on his feet any longer, wrapped himself in blankets, which still were uncomfortably wet from the previous night's rain.
Underlining the growing interest in Sarawak Proper, Ludvig Verner Helms arrived in Kuching on the East India Company's steamship Pluto on 16 January 1852 as "the agent of a [unnamed] commercial firm to buy up the antimonial ore, and generally to develop the trade of the country.
The deposits contain the important silver ore minerals, argentite and pyrargyrite, as well as argentiferous galena and antimonial silver minerals, the latter in their deeper portions.
By the mid-fourth millennium BC, copper alloys such as arsenical and antimonial copper were being intentionally produced.