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Heat therapy for cutaneous leishmaniasis elicits a systemic cytokine response similar to that of antimonial (Glucantime) therapy.
Patients below the age of 10 were enrolled in the study for thermotherapy only on a compassionate- use basis on the request of parents who wanted to avoid antimonial injections either due to cost pain of administration to their child and/or time constraints.
Currently, there is no vaccine commercially available for use in humans and recommended chemotherapy relies mostly on pentavalent antimonials or amphotericin B, pentamidine and miltefosine as alternatives.
En nuestro pais, Scorza Dagert y col, [16] sintetizaron en el Instituto de Investigaciones Parasitologicas "Jose Witremundo Torrealba" de la Universidad de Los Andes, un complejo antimonial formado por pentacloruro de antimonio + N-metil-glucamina, bajo la denominacion de Ulamina, el cual ha logrado porcentajes de efectividad equivalentes a los obtenidos con Glucantime[R] [16,17].
Se inicia esquema antimonial con estibogluconato de sodio a una dosis de 20 mg/Kg diarios, el cual se administraria por 20 dias, como corresponde en el tratamiento para leishmaniasis cutanea (7).
However, antimonial derivatives should be used with caution due to their potential systemic and local side effects, especially in patients with underlying heart disease and particularly, those with conduction and rhythm disorders.
The deposits contain the important silver ore minerals, argentite and pyrargyrite, as well as argentiferous galena and antimonial silver minerals, the latter in their deeper portions.
The first line of therapy consists of pentavalent antimonial drugs, which were administered for approximately 80% of cases analyzed here.
Pentavalant antimonial drugs have been used for many decades as the standard treatment for VL.
It often appears 2-7 years after the apparently successful treatment of VL by antimonial drugs.
tropica causes lesions that are generally more difficult to treat with antimonial drugs (22), whereas L.
Leishmaniose cutânea com desfecho fatal durante o tratamento com antimonial pentavalente.