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An expression in law and logic to indicate that two authorities, laws, or propositions are inconsistent with each other.

See: inconsistency, opposition, paradox

ANTINOMY. A term used in the civil law to signify the real or apparent contradiction between two laws or two decisions. Merl. Repert. h.t. Vide Conflict of Laws.

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Together, the disenchantment of form and the appearance of an enchanted ideal engender the antinomic heart of the romantic ideology.
Come to think of it, all the most influential concepts in our political tradition--power, freedom, democracy--are, at their core, aporetic, antinomic, contradictory; they are exposed to a full-scale battle for the seizure and transformation of their meaning.
She sees in this history the realization of the antinomic element of messianism transformed into program of political action, both destructive and self-destructive.
Exploding appearance underwrites works' antinomic status" (204).
C]onfronted with an antinomic stance in the precise Kantian sense of the term, we should renounce all attempts to reduce one aspect to the other .
Pushkin's un-Dostoevskean universality is found in his use of vocabulary that is often oxymoronic and antinomic, where flame and ice, rebellion and bashful reverie coexist necessarily, conditions that well express his harmonious being in the mode of coincidentia oppositorum.
With his structural differential, Korzybski (1950) clearly showed that any process of progressive conceptual abstraction is somehow evermore antinomic to precise descriptions and distinctions.
The second crucial formal feature to which Vendler points is the poem's use of ottava rima--the first seven stanzas, which pile up the antinomic images of the "bitter diptychs," are all in some way "imperfect," the sestet and final couplet to a greater or lesser degree enjambed.
Like de Bouhelier, D'Annunzio thus calls for a new social role for the artist, whose task will be precisely that of recomposing in an organic whole the scattered fragments of nineteenth-century culture, and in particular those terms which appear to be in antinomic relation: science and art, analysis and synthesis, sentiment and thought (cf.
The pact, constantly renegotiated and changing, that replaces the non applied and rigid law (itself antinomic to the concept of caring communities).
It is antinomic to speak about emergence and about control on the emergence.
Put simply, co-constitutive theory suggests that the antinomic alternatives are not mutually exclusive, contradictory, or even dichotomous.