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An expression in law and logic to indicate that two authorities, laws, or propositions are inconsistent with each other.

See: inconsistency, opposition, paradox

ANTINOMY. A term used in the civil law to signify the real or apparent contradiction between two laws or two decisions. Merl. Repert. h.t. Vide Conflict of Laws.

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Ultimately, the Weltanschauung with which Radio Raheem defines his sense of identity - so decisively, in fact, that he adopts its very signifiers "LOVE" and "HATE" as salient features of his self-expressive style - terminally relegates both society and the individual subject to the "STATIC" resulting from irreconcilable moral antinomies locked in interminable conflict.
Et dans celles-ci, l'auteur cite des textes exemplaires pour leur culture de contradictions, antinomies, antitheses, anti-phrases, antagonismes, paradoxes .
Antinomies also haunt the world of Renaissance architecture studies (and not least the study of Serlio, now rescued from the disdain apparent in much earlier scholarship), notably between a rising interest in the history of mentalities and ideological formations and a relatively conservative intellectual history.
The antinomies of harmony/chaos, utopia/dystopia, refinement/vulgarity, hygiene/filth pervade the artis t's impure aesthetic.
The two most important forms of skepticism for Kant were Humean skepticism, with its focus on the problem of causality and the impossibility of synthetic a priori knowledge, and Pyrrhonian skepticism with its focus of the suspension of judgment by establishing a balance of opposing arguments, or "equipollence" (the antinomies in the Critique of Pure Reason).
It is a formalism in which painting is shown to absorb into itself the social conditions of its possibility, and to represent them too - even if only as a play of irreconcilable antinomies.
Chapter 5 considers what Cicovacki calls "metaphysical illusions," prime examples of which are Kant's own antinomies.
Traditionally, work on book 3 has been constrained by the assumption that Aristotle is drawing up a set of antinomies by arguing alternatively for one side and then the other.
The territory is then clear for the unceasing play of antinomies within "a kind of conceptual freeze-frame.
The dramatic characters enflesh and speak the existential antinomies which affect their lives.
This art owes much to the marvelling surprise of the child who easily associates the antinomies of fiction, but Favier brings to it a disquieting sophistication.
In fact, Kant proposed giving foundation to rational absolute numbers by means of synthetical a priori judgments; he also considered all arithmetical judgments as synthetical a priori; and by dedicating two antinomies to infinite series he suggested analogies to the representation of infinite series of irrational numbers.