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It advances a series of interconnected arguments: that early moderns believed in an invisible system of sympathies and antipathies; that natural philosophy was in many ways driven by a desire to make these invisible forces manifest; that the invisible forces of sympathy and antipathy held a particularly strong relationship with the womb, and thus women inhabited a charged position in relation to the occult; and that the early modern stage, itself perceived as working through invisible sympathies and antipathies, was a particularly amenable site for portraying and thinking through these forces.
When Lewis Carroll's Alice falls down the rabbit hole she muses that she might fall entirely through the earth and come out its other side - to "the antipathies," she says.
The Republicans are going straight to the racial fears and antipathies of the white middle class, when the real problem is the shaky economy," Paterson says.
According to a still widely accepted view, crucial changes in attitudes toward Jews began in the 1870s and 1880s, when traditional antipathies towards Jews secularized, radicalized, and energized in a form eventually picked up by the Nazis in the period after the First World War.