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Speaking at the end of the informal European Council meeting in Brussels that saw the debut of Tsipras at this level, Passos Coelho dismissed journalist questions suggesting some antipathy towards the new Greek administration.
It advances a series of interconnected arguments: that early moderns believed in an invisible system of sympathies and antipathies; that natural philosophy was in many ways driven by a desire to make these invisible forces manifest; that the invisible forces of sympathy and antipathy held a particularly strong relationship with the womb, and thus women inhabited a charged position in relation to the occult; and that the early modern stage, itself perceived as working through invisible sympathies and antipathies, was a particularly amenable site for portraying and thinking through these forces.
CDATA[ The world body which would be a repository for so much antipathy against Israel over the next seven decades must have experienced a moment of madness.
While industry sources claimed it reflected the Government's antipathy towards the coal industry, the high interest rate also reflects the risks connected with paying back the money.
Please don't imagine for a moment that I hold any antipathy towards badgers, though it's fair to say that I don't fall for their faux stripy-faced charm.
While he was in No10, Tony Blair knew he had nothing to worry about from his neighbour Gordon Brown, given Cherie's deep antipathy for the then Chancellor.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit Okinawa on Tuesday and Wednesday to stump for his ruling party's upper house election candidates in the southernmost prefecture, where public antipathy has grown toward the government's U.
With apparent mutual antipathy, they face the charges together, almost obscured by everyone in the court.
CDATA[ A Jenin Arabas antipathy is replaced by appreciation after his sonas life is saved in HaEmek Hospital in Afula.
MANY voters'' response to the election seems to be moving from apathy to antipathy, from policy to personality.
General Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank said that Mr Brown's admission that he cut military spending in real terms rather than increased it, as he told the inquiry demonstrated his antipathy towards the Armed Forces.
Nevertheless we felt a touch less antipathy to the scheme than on our daytime visits.