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She shows convincingly, for example, how musical items like the Te deum, the antiphon Laetare et lauda and the sequence Laetabunda laus beato shaped the discourse, emphasizing familiar themes of civic identity and episcopal piety.
To this Socrates replied: Amongst us, Antiphon, the same standards in respect of what is honourable and what is shameful are thought to apply equally to the disposal of physical beauty and of wisdom.
Platon, en montrant que chacun en democratie suit le genre de vie qui lui plait, souligne que tout un chacun pourrait refuser de sacrifier son i'Siov sur l'autel du koivov, suivant en cela Antiphon contre Protagoras (22).
There was a sense of apprehension to begin with about how fans would react to the music without Tim but after playing some dates this summer including a scattering in Ireland, Eric and the rest of the band are happy that Antiphon will be accepted in the spirit it is meant.
There are sonnets written in response to the seven Great O Antiphons, sonnets concerned with Christmastide, Epiphany, Holy Week, the Stations of the Cross, and other significant events on the church calendar.
73) At this point, in contrast to later embassies led by Antiphon and Phrynichus themselves, the leaders of the Four Hundred may have feared that they might be viewed as revolutionaries by the Spartans and be arrested, so they refrained from taking part themselves.
The usual format of such memoriae is a short antiphon followed by a versicle and response and a prayer.
The failure, I would argue, was not so much because of its lack of firm grounding in the biblical text but because its agent of transmission was the text of the antiphon Cure Rex gloriae containing both narrative and speech, destined for the Easter Day procession.
After an overview of a number of compositions, the author explores in detail Grass's antiphon to the Meissner Tedeum.
We then encounter a marvellous contrast in the form of the European archaic polyphonic pieces included on the CD, such as conductus Mundus a munditia (track 5) or antiphon Sedit Angelus--versus Crucifixum in carne (track 11).
124-25) traces its wording to several passages of Revelation and notes how the antiphon relates the hymn to the Eucharistic banquet of which it is a part.
The tale belongs to a miracles of the Virgin genre, so this antiphon is a key to the development of the plot.