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For example, a series of poems, the Advent Lyrics, are based and thematically structured on the O Antiphons from Vespers preceding Christmas.
It was only the last embassy to Sparta that was deemed treacherous, manned by members of the extremist faction within the Four Hundred, participation in which was fatal for Antiphon and Archeptolemus.
At the monastery, the youthful Bale was trained in sacred music--the antiphons, anthems, and chants of Catholic rite--and he was likely involved in the dramatic productions for which the order was well known.
In Ryder and The Antiphon readers find harrowing accounts of what today we so easily call family dysfunction.
parish windows "the boys shown singing on the battlements of the church gate hold a scroll inscribed with the first words of the Palm Sunday antiphon Gloria laus.
Wendell Ryder tended to confuse women and children with his livestock, a pattern continued by Titus in The Antiphon.
The listener is thus guided through the Apocalypse events by means of a number of forms--conductus, motet, offertory, antiphon, introit, canticum, the sequence Dies irae, monophonic and polyphonic female chant.
An antiphon in religious tradition is a psalm or hymn chanted by alternating voices.
In a sense, the "Meditations" are Mariani's antiphon to Hopkins' confrontation with death and resurrection in "The Wreck of the Deutschland" just as surely as "Hopkins in Ireland" can be seen as Mariani's response to "The Windhover.
Celebrating the composer's centenary, this was an all-Britten programme, but completist compilations sometimes throw up chaff amongst the wheat, the chaff here being the over-long superficiality of the 1949 Wedding Anthem composed for a society wedding (for all his left-wing politics, how Britten loved to suck up to the Establishment) and the tedious Antiphon composed for St Michael's, Tenbury.
The men will begin with a piece which says it all, Antiphon from Vaughan Williams' Five Mystical Songs which begins with the words, Let All The World In Every Corner Sing.