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2-17) was sung antiphonally between two half-choirs using parallel fragments of the strophe (vv.
Much material suggests that Hallel was recited antiphonally, with the leader reciting the first half of the verse and the assembled group reciting the second half or making a slightly different response.
All [accounts] focus on the sense of power produced by the overlapping of the leader's voice with the voices of the chorus as they engaged with each other antiphonally.
Jeffrey Skidmore's light-touch direction of this wonderful work was beautifully judged, allowing his ten-voice Ex Cathedra Consort space for personal display in the solo sections (there are enough to accommodate everyone separately or in pairs) while moulding a surprisingly rich-toned tutti from the antiphonally grouped full ensemble.
From this we learn, that the central phrase of the Kaddish was known and presumably recited antiphonally probably in aliturgical setting, the cantor saying the first half and the congregation responding with the second half.
Franck scores the eight-voice pieces (many of which are wedding motets) for two antiphonal choirs, and his motets for five and six voices also reveal a polychoral tendency in the frequent division of the ensemble into smaller, antiphonally interacting groups.
The rasping brass and two antiphonally placed timpanists, hard-headed sticks producing a real thwack, reminded us that these were still martial instruments in 1749, while the whooping horns sounded as if they were just back from a day's hunting.