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Antiphony is a mode of performance in which two voices respond to one another.
It is in the tension between the individual voice and a collective chorus that the "condition of pain" involved in the Black Atlantic experience can be fully expressed; it is in a culture of antiphony, Beloved teaches us, that memory is not self-destructive, and that trauma can be overcome whole.
Of course, not just anybody is qualified to be a Bishop--entrusted with the care of souls and the care of those who care for souls--and so the candidate engages in a sort of antiphony to witness publicly his fitness for high pastoral Office.
The idea of antiphony is appropriate, given Forfini's penchant for the choral and dialectical response, for the critical exposure of the commonplace through a highly cultivated lyrical poetry.
In 1992, theorist Paul Gilroy considered the "familialization of politics" in relation to black popular culture and proposed an "ethics of antiphony.
Porto Alegre has many important writers (as does Curitiba, the other second-tier metropolitan area of the country), but there is very much of the sense of an antiphony between metropolis and province in the case of writers who are not identified with Rio and Sao Paulo.
The prophetic foreshadowing that occurs in the antiphony between the young Equiano and the Igbo wise men, simultaneously invites and obscures any simple interpretation or meaning in the narrative movement between the "ominous" and "harmless" as represented in Equiano's snake imagery.
This is so whether we discuss (as Cavell does in this quotation) the antiphony between Wittgenstein and American Pragmatism, or from within Cavell's own writings.
Yes, from Ellison's notes and drafts Callahan has fashioned a shapely synecdoche that coheres-a duet between "Daddy" Hickman, the black Southern preacher who's come to Washington in 1955 to warn a man he raised as a boy of impending violence, and Sunraider, the white New England senator who was brought up black but turned savagely on the color of this kindness; a Lincoln-haunted and Oedipus-inflected dialogue of down-home homilies, grandiose dreams and primal crime; a dialectic of masked pasts and screened memories; a call-and-response antiphony of flimflam riffs; a matched fall of twinned tricksters into shared mystery, lost history and filmed illusions.
Moreover, in descriptions of the public mourning over Hector's body, we are told that the bards were seated next to the body in order to lead the funerary songs or threnoi, with the women alternately taking up the song in antiphony.
Sjogren gives his collection the subtitle "Suite of Poetry," and the musical pattern is obvious in this antiphony, where the voices of the drowned and those left behind are contrasted.
1) My reasoning was that in single-group consort music antiphony proper (that is, between two spatially separated groups of performers) is not possible; that Byrd and others sometimes created an antiphonal effect by alternating a high-pitched subgroup with a low-pitched one; and that the exchange of material between instruments of the same pitch, which is effectively precluded by this `pitch-range antiphony', is better treated as `voice exchange' or `phrase exchange'.