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The composite opening starts with a pair of verses (1/21) generating a strict echo-pattern typical to antiphony. It may be viewed as a prologue announcing the intent of the two choirs to sing antiphonally about the miracle performed by the Lord.
What Gallagher did not observe is how such an "antiphony" reflects the way "rhetoric may be used by the advocate to insinuate himself or herself into the psychology of the potential convert" (Rambo 82).
Large antiphony from Spain containing two initials with the date 1504 written inside.
However, it is also within the reach of a competent parish choir and organist, while the full cathedral choir can make effective use of the score with harmony and antiphony. Since 1988, the school music curriculum has been strongly biased towards composing and performing, and Kieran considers this a great opportunity: 'Young composers and players need the chance to compose and perform, while our churches desperately need young musicians.
For Morrison, African American writing fundamentally relies on the sounds and rhythms of black music--as a source of narrative content, but particularly also as an aesthetic "mirror." She notes: If my work is faithfully to reflect the aesthetic tradition of Afro-American culture, it must make conscious use of the characteristics of its art forms and translate them into print: antiphony, the group nature of art, its functionality, its improvisational nature, its relationship to audience performance, the critical voice which upholds tradition and communal values and which also provides occasion for an individual to transcend and/or defy group restrictions.
The second thing one notices in The Italian's natural theology is a more insistent tracking of the physics of spiritual elevation, as for example when choral matins float heavenward: we perceive their "measured pause," the "softening" and "swelling" of their antiphony "on the wafting breeze"--a man-made echo that "appeared like the music of spirits, watching by night on the summits ...
And now look: we have real food and real music,' indicating the laden table and the drumming on the roof and the sweet antiphony of the wall of rain.
Other cults, such as Orphism, which is mentioned only in passing, played a significant antiphony to the classical mainstream.
I tried this in my electronic piece O sacrum convivium--which is an antiphony on Corpus Christi.
Likewise, the antiphony between the double choruses was blurred.
Of course, not just anybody is qualified to be a Bishop--entrusted with the care of souls and the care of those who care for souls--and so the candidate engages in a sort of antiphony to witness publicly his fitness for high pastoral Office.
Luca Lenzini's monograph on Fortini's poetry appears in the "Antifone" series of Piero Manni, a series dedicated to "counter-voices" and "voices against." The idea of antiphony is appropriate, given Forfini's penchant for the choral and dialectical response, for the critical exposure of the commonplace through a highly cultivated lyrical poetry.