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I believe that Avishai Margalit unwittingly identified the reason for this antiphony.
Until now, complex antiphony has garnered little attention, with the result that Biblical poetry has been systematically approached in a linear fashion.
On a second level, however, Morrison's novel reproduces the antiphony, the call-and-response arrangement, of the jazz aesthetic.
Along with John Waters' movies and Larry Clark's Tulsa, 1972, and Teenage Lust, 1983, it provided wild, shaggy antiphony to the '70s.
As if in choral antiphony to these remarks, the Greek Orthodox observer Isidoros, egumen (that is, abbot) of the monastery on Patmos, gave the lie to the idea that Catholic-Orthodox relations have hit rock bottom.
PECOAdelphia was recently chosen by Antiphony (formerly Corporate Technology Ventures), Philadelphia, Pa.
Through their proprietary Relaunch(R) methodology, Antiphony works with senior executives to successfully develop innovative business models, conceive and bring new products and services to market, and drive top-line growth.
Palestrina inevitably uses divided forces, with conventional antiphony and sequences for three choirs spread across the church and Wickham held them together skilfully.
Though here, too, there is the braggadocio of the blues persona, Cortez employs less antiphony in her own voice, using instead a softer, more sensual tone to simulate a jazz ballad.
Antiphony' means an interactive exchange, and that is the key to effective sales of complex products and services," said Jeffrey Babin, founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Antiphony.
Many scholars of African and African American music have commented on the use of antiphony and the tendency to incorporate body movements into musical performance in both traditions.
18) Just Above My Head revises this formulation by interspersing scenes of gospel performances with explicitly homoerotic tableaux, highlighted by Arthur and Crunch's harmonious antiphony in Birmingham, their voices witnessing their love and desire for one another, a sexual longing that will be consummated shortly thereafter.