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i]) = 0 because the antipodal map has no fixed points.
Shamos showed that the diameter of a polygon is determined by two of its antipodal vertices.
A multimedia presentation highlights images from television, film, and news media that construct the mutually constitutive yet antipodal dynamics of invisibility and hypervisibility of transnational Filipina/o women.
In this note he was able to prove that the continent distribution is always natural and continents, revealing the correctness of location, are placed antipodal to oceans.
Unless otherwise specified, we will assume the gallery connects an antipodal pair of chambers [c.
d] are said to be antipodal if they are at maximum graph distance.
Wu, "Corrugated substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) antipodal linearly tapered slot antenna array fed by quasitriangular power divider," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol.
The sprawling of winter might suddenly stand erect, Pronouncing its new life and ours, not autumn's prodigal returned, But an antipodal, far-fetched creature, worthy of birth, The true tone of the metal of winter in what it says: The accent of deviation in the living thing That is its life preserved, the effort to be born Surviving being born, the event of life.
Topsakal, "A small antipodal Vivaldi antenna for ultra wide-band applications," IEEE Antennas Wireless Propagation Letters, Vol.
Though the antipodal relationship between the intellectual and the physical is a common topic in Swift studies, Napier's real claim here seems to be that Swift offers no possibility of reconciling the two spheres and, like Defoe, establishes a "vision of discord that.
The Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna (AVA) obtained this way overcomes the practical limitations of a conventional Vivaldi antenna exhibiting a very wide operation bandwidth.
The soliloquy might as well have conjured for the audience the antipodal images of a Benedictine monk and the Pope pitted against each other in a theological joust.