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For all the cases in which an antipodal outburst has resulted in a conviction for contempt that was sustained on appeal, several other kangarootinged contempt convictions have been struck down on appellate review.
Antipodal positions join incongruously in the dialogue between Jake and Bill, climaxing with the homosocial, the homophobic, the Fundamentalist, the liberal, the imbiber, and the Prohibitionist literally and figuratively lying down together in an alcohol-induced stupor.
They may include (see row 3, column 5 of Table 1) a reduced cost structure, the ability to conduct antipodal commerce such as coordinating transactions between geographically dispersed entities or agents (viz.
For the antipodal industry, that translates into weathering the storm until a sunny European market returns.
In any case, these are antipodal forces in a not-so "free" society and medical marketplace.
I believe Gitelson overestimates the possible creative outlet found in postwar cooking when he asserts "Often, when housewives combined two antipodal ingredients, it was a reaction against the cultural homogeneity of Suburbia.
And this always spells out a possibility for two antipodal aspects of its creation.
I find one side a balance, and the antipodal side a balance; Soft doctrine as steady help as stable doctrine; Thoughts and deeds of the present, our rouse and early start.
268), emphasizes not only this human physical and mental motion but also its inherently antipodal nature.
Shaffer, on Being a Christian and a Lawyer 3-20 (198 1) (identifying these antipodal approaches to legal ethics and rejecting each as equally unsatisfactory).
To anyone who reads the newspaper and follows contemporary political controversies, the interests of economic growth and environmental protection must appear antipodal.
Indeed it may well explain at least some aspects of the powerfully ambivalent attitude towards women expressed in the traditional literatures of India and in iconic form in such representations as the antipodal renderings of the Goddess as sometimes nurturant, beneficent, and maternal and at other times as wrathful, bloodthirsty, and terrifying.