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Alicia was to lodge with a distant relative of her mother's in a suburb of London; was to concert measures with this relative on the best method of turning her jewels into money; and was to follow her convict husband to the Antipodes, under a feigned name, in six months' time.
I was standing before an exhibit of facsimiles of the record nuggets which had been discovered in the goldfields of the Antipodes.
Now if this were the case with the earth-- if, for example, Europe never saw the moon, and she was only visible at the antipodes, imagine to yourself the astonishment of a European on arriving in Australia.
The meridian of the Antipodes has likewise been passed; and now every league, it made us happy to think, was one league nearer to England.
Therefore, if self-evidence is a guarantee of truth, our ancestors must have been mistaken in thinking their beliefs about the Antipodes self-evident.
When the morning came, and the effect of the opium had been all slept off, you would wake as absolutely ignorant of what you had done in the night as if you had been living at the Antipodes.
He is antipode to current officials, his biography, traits, even appearance make him look different from classical public servant in Kyrgyzstan.
His interpretations are the antipode of Rostropovich's grand, weighty and sometimes portentously slow recordings.
The antipode problem (Aguiar and Mahajan, 2013, Section 5.
Its greeting from the press and from certain other word freaks, however, was the antipode of nonviolence.
The industrial sector employs about 19% of New Zealand's labor force, so a rebound here would certainly help to boost hiring, promote spending, and help lift the smaller antipode out of the worst recession in over three decades.
Whatuthink, winner of the big 2m novice hurdle at this meeting a year ago, Beau Michael, fourth behind Punjabi in the Fighting Fifth at Wetherby last time and trying 3m for the first time, Convincing and Antipode complete the line-up.