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The Antipodean albatross has undergone an alarming decline in recent years and the species is listed as Nationally Critical by the Department of Conservation, the highest threat classification ranking.
If we are to read War Crimes as emblematic of the decline of antipodean Fordism, there must be elements of history that 'enter' the text.
From Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh to Dave Allen and the Two Ronnies, the best UK talent confirmed their status with sell-out antipodean tours.
The point our adopted antipodean seems to be missing is that Australia is their country and it has been stolen from them.
Historians, social scientists, journalists, and novelists explore perspectives of Irish and Scottish republicans overseas, the British labor and socialist movement, the French press, and antipodean Irish Catholics.
There are two presenters, one with an antipodean accent, the other with a very plummy English accent the likes of which I have not heard for a number of years.
Wimbledon recently attracted 3,500 people for a themed Antipodean night, who didn't have access to the Mick The Miller facilities.
The Antipodean man was guided by a drunken passenger but crashed into a wall.
The antipodean accent was instantly recognisable, 'Hello, it's David Moffett here.'
Kew House, Melbourne, by Sean Godsell, one of a series of houses by this talented and lively standard bearer for a younger generation of antipodean architects that explores contemporary notions of an Australian vernacular.
But his trainer Paul Perry feels that, having pioneered the long-distance raid, he may be followed by his Antipodean colleagues in making the 20,000 mile round trip.
"None of it is set in stone," says Jackman, the 32-year-old Antipodean who leapt to fame as Curly in the Royal National Theater's "Oklahoma!" "It's just someone saying, `Might you be available?'"