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If we are to read War Crimes as emblematic of the decline of antipodean Fordism, there must be elements of history that 'enter' the text.
The dollar was broadly higher in the Asian session except against the JPY, with the dollar strength led by the antipodean currencies after RBNZ Bollard warned that longer term rates were too high, sending Kiwi lower, and weak Australian data, including a larger-than-expected fall in retail sales, helped weigh on AUD.
Wimbledon recently attracted 3,500 people for a themed Antipodean night, who didn't have access to the Mick The Miller facilities.
The Antipodean man was guided by a drunken passenger but crashed into a wall.
Kew House, Melbourne, by Sean Godsell, one of a series of houses by this talented and lively standard bearer for a younger generation of antipodean architects that explores contemporary notions of an Australian vernacular.
THE INTERNATIONAL trade deal between the USA and Australia--which has been welcomed by the antipodean non-ferrous metals industry--could be threatened by anger amongst Australian sugar producers who have been excluded.
But his trainer Paul Perry feels that, having pioneered the long-distance raid, he may be followed by his Antipodean colleagues in making the 20,000 mile round trip.
Swanbourne, sleepy English village famed for its Norman church, to Swanbourne, antipodean suburb famed for its underdressed sunbathers.
SYDNEY Continuing an upswing in Antipodean activities of British companies, Carlton has committed to taking world distribution rights for two Oz TV series.
Noting Renaissance humanists' contradictory desire to locate cultural difference and exemplary models, Leslie scrutinizes Utopian maps and alphabet (a glance at the antipodean maps of Joseph Hall's Mundus alter et Idem would have deepened the historical argument).