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A consideration of the characteristics and fate of Australia's aboriginal people teases out the consequences of the arrival of Europeans and their mind-sets and imaginings on the peoples and places of the Antipodes.
This book is distributed by Antipodes Books & Beyond.
Australia and New Zealand are the most popular destinations for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, with 53 per cent of people saying their dream trip would be to the Antipodes.
Meanwhile, the Fly says he's heard there could be a fascinating transfer involving Christian Heap, who took over international affairs when Glyn Williams slipped back to the Antipodes.
John Ruskin reacted with horror on his wedding night when he discovered that his wife's pubis did not remotely resemble that of the Venus de Medici; Clement Greenberg was a lecher, Such antipodes of experience offer a heuristic matrix through which one can read John Waters and Bruce Hainley's admirable, if problematic, Art--A Sex Book.
As you might expect from this doyen of Modernism in the antipodes, it is a cool number - except for that home page which is plastered with copyright declarations and which you enter on pain of disembowelling should you not agree to 'the copyright conditions above'.
Always the first with a gaseous expellation, a voluble eruption or a four-lettered outburst, he represents all that is terrible and wonderful about the Antipodes.
Uyterhoeven, who is in a distant place called "the Antipodes.
This Chinese patent joins Maas's already granted 35 world patents for Cyclosporin Neuroprotection, including cyclosporin analogs, in North America, Europe, Russia, Africa and Antipodes.
1768: Captain Cook set off on his first voyage, in former Whitby collier HMS Endeavour, to explore the Antipodes.
This winter's freezing temperatures combined with the gloomy economic outlook have prompted a huge rise in the numbers of Brits jumping ship to the Antipodes.
Well, what is it with the Antipodes and former WRU officials?