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Immaturity, largely abandoned as a viable analytic index to sexual identity since the 1970s, is maintained in contemporary nosologies of paraphilia: a contemporary antipole of Western heteromasculinity and an enduring Freudian projection at that.
The fact is that in the critical reflections about Dvorak's music around the turn of the century, the composer was viewed exactly in the spirit of Vrchlicky's metaphor as "the creator of a positive antipole to the world of power, reason, reflection and creative sorrow, of escape from the world of reality", as an antithesis to the "world of the diseased and the weak".
It can then take the mimesis on which the fictional world is based as its syntax, even where the mimetic principle is disaffirmed and where the world realized by the text constitutes an antipole to the logic of the real world--the place where blue deer speak.