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Very few studies have been carried out to evaluate the antipyretic activity of N.
Fever: beneficial and detrimental effects of antipyretics.
integerrima is a medium sized deciduous tree having medicinal value such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, blood purifier, remedy for gastrointestinal disorders, expectorant, antiasthmatic, antipyretic, antiemetic and antidiarrheal (Upadhye and Rajopadly, 2010; Uddin et al.
Okposio also documents intake of antipyretics and antimalarials only on the basis of mother's perception of the presence of fever24.
The use of antipyretic medication and attention to the fever must not detract from monitoring the child's activity and level of consciousness (as an indicator of worsening illness) and paying attention to adequate hydration.
The rats for antipyretic evaluation were selected based on their measured basal anal temperature ([less than or equal to] 37[degrees]C) using a thermistor probe (with a resolution of 0.
Another approach taken by a few researchers is to compare how long it takes for children with a fever to recover if half take and half don't take antipyretic drugs.
Conclusion: Mothers' definition of fever and antipyretic utilization knowledge are insufficient.
Antipyretic use for post-vaccination fever in the absence of discomfort or distress is not recommended.
This questionnaire contained demographic information including age, gender, weight, maternal-paternal ages and education levels in addition to questions about fever and the drug used including the beginning time of fever, accompanying findings, history of febril convulsion, methods of measuring body temperature, name, dose and dosing frequency of the antipyretic given.
Generalized linear modeling was used to investigate the effects of covariates and potential confounders (age, sex, recent antipyretic use, study site, self-reported fever, time of day, and room temperature) on temperature measurements and to identify factors that influenced the difference between oral and ITDS temperature measurements, given site-specific effects.
There is no consistent recommendation regarding the antipyretic schedule to use when alternating medications.