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An uncovered dating guide for women from the 1950s delivers some pretty antiquated advice on how to properly behave in a restaurant.
And how lacking in humility not to face the fact that 97 per cent of his pilots chose to vote for industrial action for the first time in their history which has a whole lot to do with an antiquated and out-of-date management style at the top of his company.
are antiquated, demeaning and disrespectful" and asks "What do readers think?
Our experience of the seasons is one that no longer needs to be mediated by the antiquated Gregorian calendar.
The theater's stage technology is so antiquated that not only does it limit experimentation in production, it is also considered dangerous.
DCX engineers are looking at a Hemi-based V10 for the next Viper, an engine that also could be used in an expansion of the LX platform (300, Magnum, Charger), as well as a replacement for the antiquated 8.
And even some newer groups, like the Unification Church, preach antiquated ideas.
It will introduce sweeping changes to the way the department hires, pays, promotes, disciplines, and fires its 700,000 civilian workers, doing away with antiquated practices England said have bogged down the department for decades.
Democrats have become the party of the rusty, antiquated ideas of FDR and LBJ.
But when everything that parents teach at home is not only not reinforced in the schools, but is denied and derided as antiquated by teachers not practising their religion or even living common-law, there is obviously a problem.
We are dealing with an antiquated foster care system.
Some people are dedicated to cleaning out these antiquated rules and regulations.