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MPLOYERS are being accused of having "antiquated" attitudes to recruiting women as new evidence revealed many believe it is reasonable to EHRC chief executive Rebecca Hilsenrath said: "It is a depressing reality that, when it comes to the rights of pregnant woman and new mothers in the workplace, we are Half of those questioned said workers sometimes resented women who were pregnant or on maternity leave.
Gardai are fighting to keep on top of international crime networks and they are using antiquated 20-year-old computer systems to do it.
However, Brink said that the credit union does not operate on an antiquated paper-based system and runs on an electronic system, including online banking, for its 3,414 members.
The post MPs to abolish antiquated law that stipulates jail for promoting strikes appeared first on Cyprus Mail.
An uncovered dating guide for women from the 1950s delivers some pretty antiquated advice on how to properly behave in a restaurant.
Sam Woods a director of the Prudential Regulation Authority has described as 'antiquated' the IT systems in the country's banking sector.
General secretary Jim McAuslan has responded to comments made by Virgin's chief executive Steve Ridgway, who said in an interview that the dispute was "unnecessary, disappointing, evidence of a model of industrial relations that is antiquated and out of date".
Many sections of Shakespeare's plays are not only bogged down in antiquated language but are just utter nonsense.
It was really an outdoor camp consisting of a few fenced-in pastures crossed by a brook, and guarded by an antiquated fort.
Today, metalcasting is viewed as an antiquated industry on its deathbed.
HATS off - if that's not too antiquated and demeaning a phrase