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Another aspect of our protocol involved with pre-operative antisepsis includes the best practice of hair removal from the operative extremity.
In an effort to determine whether the choice of preoperative topical antisepsis independently affects SSIs, Mr.
3) Lotions are often recommended to ease the dryness resulting from frequent hand washing or hand antisepsis.
Compliance with standards relating to obtaining informed consent, skin and bottle-top antisepsis and BC collection technique was variable (Fig.
Antisepsis for abdominal hysterectomy: a randomised controlled trial of povidone-iodine gel.
It was found that most of the doctors still believe that soap and water is the best way of ensuring hygiene of the hand even though the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) for hand antisepsis as it is acts fast and has broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity.
INTRODUCTION: Although the treatment of infection has been an integral part of the surgeon's practice since the dawn of time, the body of knowledge that led to the present field of surgical infections was derived from the evolution of germ theory and antisepsis.
These are processed under FDA-approved, proprietary-patented processes that consist of antisepsis with minimal tissue manipulation in order to qualify for human tissue implantation.
Applied Potassium permanganate at 1:40,000 dilution for antisepsis of the stung areas.
Aseptic measures included the use of sterile gloves, gown, drapes, and adequate skin antisepsis by the proceduralist.
For example, alcohol-based products are more effective for standard hand washing/hand antisepsis than soap or antimicrobial soap and water for healthcare workers since alcohol based products decrease bacterial counts more than either soap or antimicrobial soap and water (CDC, 2002, p.