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As you are preparing to scrub the patient's abdomen, the third-year medical student asks, "When I was on the Gynecology Service, I saw the doctors wash the vagina with an antiseptic solution before they performed a vaginal hysterectomy.
Customer reports indicate that devices made with these TPEs successfully withstood 10,000 antiseptic wipes.
In order to ensure public health, professionals in the health care field must continue to rely on over-the-counter antiseptic healthcare products, according to a leading trade association.
Dubai: A new research conducted on Povidone Iodine, a broad-spectrum antiseptic shows it to be 99.
Scott Ellner, Vice Chairman of Surgery and the Director of Surgical Quality at Connecticut's Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, states why antiseptic sterility is so very necessary.
Using antiseptic solutions to boost oral hygiene increases possibility of getting a heart attack or stroke, scientists have warned.
Halo Oral Antiseptic is making it safer to breathe the air Science has proven that germs can stay infectious and airborne for hours.
Columbia antiseptic cream is being billed as the "sister" product to the company's long-standing staple, Columbia antiseptic powder.
is introducing Columbia antiseptic cream, a sister product to Columbia antiseptic powder.
Bathing patients with an antiseptic and squirting medicated ointment up their noses dramatically cut the rate of dangerous staph infections afterward, researchers found.
Now available from 3M[TM] ESPE[TM] is Avagard[TM] D Instant Hand Antiseptic with Moisturizers.