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This could help explain why the struggle for gay rights has itself become so antiseptically wholesome in recent years--and why the intersection of "sex" and "Abraham Lincoln" shot right over most people's heads.
In the course of decades of work, he collected many thousands of photographs of men and women in standardized, antiseptically posed, front, side, and rear views, from which he took measurements and published statistics.
Bree (Marcia Cross), a cross between a Stepford wife and Martha Stewart who is virulently addicted to providing an antiseptically ideal life for her family, is thrown by said family's decisive rejection of her rampant perfectionism - her husband wants a divorce; her teenage son has become a sociopath.
What has been rather antiseptically referred to as a 'racial disparity' is really a gaping divide between whites and nonwhites that far outstrips minority levels in the population or in committing crime.
The antiseptically white walls of the new galleries contrast with murkier spaces where the original concrete structure and chunky octagonal columns have been retained.
Due to increasing global interdependencies, there is no way to antiseptically separate the rich and poor countries anymore.
I think the best way to characterize the sound on the new Jensen remasters is that they are more analytical-almost antiseptically so.
4) Meanwhile, one recalls the Framers' concerns about volatile public passions and survey researchers' warnings about what they refer to more antiseptically as "non-attitudes" or "off-the-top-of-the-head" responses.
There were no walls nearby in the manufacturing area, no dropped ceiling to contain a camera or wires, and all surfaces were kept antiseptically clean.