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But after a bit of sleuthing, I found that the actual figure is closer to 4%--making Bowdoin not "in the main" liberal but almost antiseptically so.
I don't find the proposed cover offensive, or provocative; it's almost antiseptically medical.
It was clean - almost antiseptically so - and our first contact with local people was to be told repeatedly that all motels, hotels and hostels for miles around were booked out, as every culture vulture in the tri-state area was in town to see the exhibition of the European Masters - a collection of paintings from Paris.
As Feaver explains, the terms working and shirking carry loaded connotations in a military context but should be understood more antiseptically, as in the economics literature.
It was unclear how effective the antiseptically clean ambience would be in combating swine flu, which has killed at least 21 people in Spain since it arrived in Europe in April, nor whether they would attract custom.
Conrad recognizes that the racial self cannot be totalized, that it cannot be antiseptically quarantined from the racial other, and that any attempt to do so will fail.
The air meant to cure us pouring antiseptically through the woods.
This membrane is retrieved from the human placenta, treated antiseptically and used for eye surgery.
Filmed with dispassionate detachment in an antiseptically drained colour scheme, it pitilessly forces a complicit audience to confront its motives for and reactions to watching it while playing with the expectations of such thrillers and (as Paul uses a remote control to rewind events and change the outcome) the reality of film itself.
Smo-ko Tobaccoless Cigarettes promised that influenza germs would be "smoked out," and LifeBuoy Health Soap promised to antiseptically clean hands, as recommended by health authorities.
Once in the operating room, the surgeon attaches the head frame, injects a local anesthetic into the shaved and antiseptically prepared scalp and drills a quarter-size hole into the brain.
What prevents the process of "gathering the best floating lines from all over creation" from devolving into a soullessly ecclectic, antiseptically inoffensive multiculturalism?