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The analysis of tale structure again offers some good observations: for example, that many of the tales can be summed up with an antithesis, and that these antitheses can work in different ways (e.
The focus on place and displacement is explained by the editor: unlike the oversimplified binary models of order/disorder and subversion/containment, "that of place/displacement modulates and complicates the easy antitheses predicated within the other two, even while it continues to supply a framework within which to analyze the disruptions and anxieties within the cultural fabric that press themselves upon our attention at this moment in Renaissance studies" (xi).
These include the unity, purity, and recognizability of its visual language, and its aspiration to spirituality, to perfection and the absolute, as antitheses of imperfect, everyday materiality--aspirations that have characterized both the work of the pioneers of abstraction and its later masters.