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The strike of the newly developed antithetic faults in shallow levels rotates with increasing deformation: the orientation of the main compressive stress axis rotates counter clockwise toward the strike of the early formed synthetic strike-slip faults (Schreurs, 1994).
These three possibilities are labeled synonymous parallelism, antithetic parallelism, and synthetic parallelism" (240).
Before the socialist era, national and industrial architecture scarcely crossed paths, and were regarded as antithetic, if not mutually exclusive.
Even Amgen, a decision that sanctioned a (b)(3) class, recognized that individual issues could defeat class certification even if the most prominent issue was common to the class--an idea that is antithetic to Judge Posner-style issue certification.
It is that, as victor rather than Logos, the Messiah might altogether unmake the speaker's making and thereby otherwise metamorphose his art, remaking it in a quite different way if nevertheless with an identical consequence and to an antithetic but related end.
While [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is usually endowed with a positive meaning, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is more of an ambiguous word, often used in a negative connotation to convey the idea of 'recklessness', antithetic to that of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Establishing property rights is made easier if ownership is asserted on collective or communal basis - forms of ownership which are antithetic to many common law property policies.
The timeless is inherent to midwinter spring, which is also defined by the pairing of antithetic concepts--the same is true of the image of the still point, as we will see.
Due to frequent numerous and antithetic criteria established dealing with actual decision making problems, MCDM methods have become one of the most commonly used branches of operation research science during last decades (Triantaphyllou 2000; Figueira et al.
Such use of the power which constitutes a check, would be plainly an abuse of power totally antithetic to the fine balance that has been struck by the Constitution.
Perhaps most tellingly, the artificial story design robs the camp experiences themselves of any inbtrinsic meaning, for, as the antithetic portion of the Hegelian progression, the camp experience serves essentially as a bridge between the thesis of preliminary innocence and the final addition of lacerating knowledge that achieves the synthesis.
Find in the formulas and anti-formulas of creation: counter poems; antithetic epigrammatic styles; parodies of expressions and places; proverbs; witticisms; aphorisms; sayings; judgments; cliches; grammatical structures and phrases through deturnari at a 45 or 90 grade or with the opposite sense at 180 grade.