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In any event, in the context of an improved knowledge of putative land-plant ancestors, we may now appropriately ask again the question, which theory of alternation of generations (and sporophyte origin) in land plants is more plausible, the homologous theory or the antithetic theory?
In the fault branched segments at the GL and LT the younger deposits are affected by antithetic faults.
Other words belonging to the same set follow: "tyrants," "invasions," "harrass," "cutting off," "imposing," "depriving us," "Arbitrary," "absolute rule," "waging war against us," "plundered our seas," "ravaged our Coasts," "burnt our towns," "destroyed the Lives of our people," "death, desolation and tyranny," "Cruelty & perfidy," "barbarous," "Oppressions," "Tyrant," "usurpations." In opposition to this lexical group, we could list a "liberal values notional set" to get a sense of the antithetic political principles upon which America was founded and which are found in the Declaration and enshrined in the U.S.
The simulation is obtained by generating 20,000 paths using antithetic variables.
Many subordinate traps are formed by the antithetic faults affecting the roll-over anticline.
Ramprasad, "Discrete antithetic Markov Monte Carlo based power mapping localization algorithm for WSN," in Proc.
The words "Gujor Khan" are perceived to be abusive, derogatory and defamatory and when it is implied through the antithetic words contrasting the Gujors with the civilized world thereby forcefully stating that the entire Gujors race is an uncivilized people, the words take on an even worse gross defamatory meaning.
We combine antithetic variate and control variate techniques to improve the efficiency of the Algorithm 1.
We further believe that an approach consisting in the recycling of the ideals of Bildung in an attempt to patch over any antithetic and difficult aspects is a deficient one.
These constraints attempt to consider requisites-prerequisites between the risk responses and further prevent the selection of antithetic responses.
The possible antithetic to this concept is the case of Eastern Europe, where the use of nuclear weapon within the geographical area was considered tactical by both the superpowers of the Cold War.
Two decades after the fact, the coiner himself recalled that the word seemed "suggestively antithetic to the 'gnostic' of church history" and so he chose it on that basis.