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The simulation results are based on generating 50 x 1000 000 paths and antithetic variables are used to reduce the variance of the Monte-Carlo estimates.
Thus, many reductionists' interpretation of social capital (mostly economic and political theories) tend to assume that even the most Gemeinschaft-like groups are based on interest, whose advancement (or defense) involves exchanges with other forms of capital and thus entails a commodification of persons that is antithetic to solidarity and subsidiarity alike.
As one observer has noted, "The international discourse on benefit sharing (even within civil society organizations) is split into two antithetic positions: While some people think that benefit sharing is possible and achievable, others consider it as part of a Western paradigm of injustice--not possible and not even desirable.
If the custodial parent wins, and the state court awards attorney fees, it would seem antithetic to the purpose of enforcing the obligation to allow the debtor to discharge the attorney fee debt and leave the non-debtor spouse to bear the cost of enforcement.
The photographic image is both implicated in, and antithetic to, memory, for unlike the mental image of a past event, it is able to imprint itself on our memories repeatedly without relinquishing any of its vividness.
My discussion will focus on the debate among British botanists that was initiated by Scott's (1895) advocacy of homologous alternation as an alternative to Bower's (1890) hypothesis of antithetic alternation.
The consolation that Western souls once found in religion has faded; Faustus no longer faces a Mephistopheles from divinity's antithetic underworld, nor is Ambrosio [the central protagonist in The Monk] doomed to Christianity's eternal hell.
This is problematic because states will have different laws regulating Salvia divinorum, which is antithetic to the design of the CSA, and medical researchers may have to forum shop so that they can effectively maintain research projects.
Almost universal is the dilemma that teachers prepared in programs emphasizing constructivist, student-centered learning prove to be antithetic to the realities of high stakes testing environments most commonly found in schools today.
There are a multitude of general and specific reasons why the world's two most prominent authoritarian martial police states, Russia and China have performed disparately during the past 25 years, but the persistent influence of antithetic economic cultures is fundamental: Russia's predicated on anticompetitive, socially compassionless rent-granting (the Muscovite proclivity), and China's on pro-competitiveness, and the Confucian ethos.
Joyce's hypertrophic re-creation and Beckett's hypotrophic de-creation, however, are not necessarily to be conceived in an antithetic relationship, but in an alternate and reversible ambivalence which synthesizes the two opposite concepts.
But this is no ordinary romance, and its existence is totally antithetic to the era in which it occurs; and thus it is in no way surprising that it cannot be resolved with a real union.