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Communism was an antithetical and inhibiting environment for scientific thought as evidenced by many innovative thinkers seeking to 'go over the wall' and escape to the west during the decades of the Cold War era.
Just to set the record straight concerning the diocese of Phoenix stating that it had "heard" that I "had a reputation for giving statements that are antithetical to Catholic teaching," I would like to clarify what exactly that might mean (NCR, June 22).
This is antithetical to a student-centered approach that differentiates curricula for diverse student populations and values the social construction of knowledge rather than dictation and recitation of the "truth.
Sigmund Freud thought that we are driven by two antithetical drives.
In this collection of eight essays, contributors tangle with some tough issues pertaining to the precise components of the practice of professionalism, the social contract, the role of professional associations, the idea of professionalism and commercialism as antithetical within the writings and work of American medicine, professionalism in traditional Chinese medicine, justice as taught in a medical school curriculum, initiating and evaluating a program in ethics for medical residents, and variances in perspective on the concepts within medical professionalism.
Traditionally, "propers" and "ordinaries" were antithetical terms in liturgics, with the former referring to elements of the mass that changed by season and day and the latter pertaining to elements that did not change, like the Kyrie and Gloria.
As the sole proprietor of this mad museum, Monahan had taken on multiple roles--the artist as collector, as curator, as archivist, and even as merchandiser--each seemingly antithetical to the persona of the resolute anti-conceptualist who doggedly sketched away while his classmates tackled Of Grammatology.
Fish, like Sandra Gunning, brings the black Atlantic to bear upon early figures such as Prince and Seacole, and reveals that black disaporic identification was not always antithetical to nation and empire, but often worked in concert with them.
It is clear that both major political parties are committed to the agenda of the New World Order and seek to enforce economic, military and social policies which are antithetical to the interests of our independent Republic.
So is Lizzie, which is antithetical to the kinds of personality traits you'd find in a competitive athlete of that caliber.