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Hence the simultaneous proportioning of its ambiguous, scattered sites - or, if in fact not contemporaneous, the progressive (or simultaneous) succession seeks to illuminate and to make answerable antithetically completed spatial configurations, Example 23.
to show, antithetically," that one's subjective intentions could result in liability.
A keen observer of everyday reality down to its dirty depths, she rises antithetically to heights of erudition, religiosity, and metaphysical speculation.
6) Second, de Man's claim for the modernity of chiasmus is formulated antithetically against his specific account of "classical" figuration--an account which I believe requires significant amendment.
Although the English language has recently been accused of linguistic genocide as it corners both academic and commercial marketplaces around the world, the history Rosen traces seems antithetically to pose a North American English able to evoke, heal, or revive (if not restore) those language communities so severely wounded, when not massacred.
Liza performs antithetically to all of that, a representation of polymorphous sexuality, cosmopolitan pleasures, and their interrelated political ramifications.
Whether in the more general jungle that white masters plant within each slave (198-99), or in the specific tree on Sethe's back, Morrison shows how slavery systematically misrepresents itself as a natural order, but actually operates antithetically to naturalize, superficially, the unnatural.
In this respect, Woolf and Forster, even more than Bennett, stand antithetically to Joyce.
Both create their antithetically related differences out of powers which basically are homogeneous and one.
However, the Regency's orientalism remains a central stylistic characteristic of The Fall, even if it is sometimes manifested antithetically or obliquely.
For example, in the case of researchers using electively aborted fetal tissue, the purposes are parallel, but not inconsistent; in the case of a prosecutor whose career advancement depends on the fact that individuals have committed crimes, the purposes are antithetically opposed.
Even in the practice referred to above it functions antithetically, improving speech by impeding speech.