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In the present study, toxin antitoxin neutralization test on the skin of albino guinea pigs and lethal toxicity test I/P in mice were applied using specific antitoxin to detect and identify the toxigenic strains of C.
A review of the international issues surrounding the availability and demand for diphtheria antitoxin for therapeutic use.
With that in mind, Smith and colleagues may have found a way to make the antitoxin inactive.
Efficacy of prophylactic and therapeutic administration of antitoxin for inhalation botulism.
For both assays, calibration was performed using international and local standard antitoxins.
Further, in two of the three, the increases in serum IgG antibodies were striking: 3-fold and 4-fold increases in antitoxin A antibodies and 52-fold and 20-fold increases in antitoxin B antibodies (13).
1998), which possess antiinflammatory activity (Liu, 1995), and could be involved in the antitoxin activity of this plant.
investigators, felt that it was too dangerous to study without first having an antitoxin.
The hypothesis was that if grass sickness was caused by intoxication with bacillus botulinus, then the blood in the serum of chronic cases should contain traces of antitoxin," explains Bruce McGorum of the University of Edinburgh.
Accompanied by Van Zyle's steely blue illustrations of the frozen landscape, Miller's text chronicles how mushers responded to an urgent plea for antitoxin serum from the quarantined town of Nome.
The idea is to use the enzyme as an intravenous intervention as soon as possible after exposure to anthrax, in conjunction with an antitoxin and antibiotics, Dr.