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The attempt to restore the antonomastic meaning of these two words was not particularly successful, as they had become too widely used in everyday language for their original meanings to be so strongly stressed.
Leaving aside these historical and philosophical interpretations, it should be emphasized that the term 'genocide', notwithstanding its frequent use by scholars all over the world, rarely acquired an antonomastic function in relation to the Jewish tragedy as a result of its semantic implications and the way in which it was used.
(67) The new meanings of the word are not included by Battaglia; the meaning 'nuclear holocaust', which according to Janni, was already used in Italy in the 1960s, was not included by De Felice-Duro dictionary until 1993, while its antonomastic use appears in dictionaries from 1987: Il grande dizionario Garzanti della lingua italiana (Milan: Garzanti, 1987); the Oli dictionary; F.