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To select the core set of aesthetic antonyms from the collected ones, the 20 participants were asked to select some pairs of aesthetic antonyms from Table 2 that can describe their general feelings at first glance.
wet damp limited restricted hot sweltering fixed attached fast speedy shelved stored deplete empty wealthy well-to-do agreeable cooperative lengthy long Antonyms
For every term contained in our seed cache; we search its synonyms and antonyms in SentiWordNet.
Additional approaches are to provide a synonym or antonym for the new word or use the new word with a related appositive.
Antonym for 'immateriality', synonym for 'corporeality' (no, my dear old studio tutor, that doesn't mean to do with corporations), 'materiality' is normally a term used in the context of meaning and being -- bit loftier than 'to do with building materials'.
The result is not "one standard, one test, one time," but rather "two standards, two tests, two times, too costly, too confusing." Idealism aside, the term harmonization is nothing short of an antonym! When there are technical differences between internationally recognized and widely used national standards being considered for harmonization, the waters become more turbulent and considerably murkier, adding countless numbers to the clever phrases.
Rather, "poor" is used in a medieval sense as an antonym to "powerful." Further, Chatellier restricts its meaning to country folk, aspiring in this study to consider the people most opposite to the urban and aristocratic elites he has considered in his other works, most especially The Europe of the Devout.
Yet Vergil's poem is also a triumphalist celebration of imperial monarchy, and duly finds its antonym (almost) in Lucan's unfinished and perhaps unfinishable Pharsalia; not the least of Quint's novelties is a sharp eye for this poem's Nachwirkung as a counter to Vergil's example for Renaissance poets responding to contemporary experiences of absolutism and colonial expansion.
Hence, each of these fallacies tends to be manifested in Holmes's 10th and most encompassing fallacy, "antonym substitution." This is a form of intellectual bait-and-switch in which antiliberals contrast an old liberal principle with a modem problem or imperative that the principle was not originally proposed in relation to.
The activity hangs as a nebulous concept, balanced against its deplorable antonym, Communism.
This week, I want to look at its antonym, contentment.
The professor, though, was adamant that the antonym of 'sympathy' was 'jealousy' as included in the key for the test.