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Here is a brief listing of some common antonyms that will serve to introduce students to word opposites, antonyms.
For every term contained in our seed cache; we search its synonyms and antonyms in SentiWordNet.
od grada:Gen 'from the city', but in (2) this is not the case since the preposition forms one semantic unit with the verb, creating a phrasal verb that does not have a Source-based antonym Idrzati od:Gen 'to hold from' (see Katunar et al.
Each word comes with an antonym, synonym, sound and example sentence.
We do not use the word ``ruth'' today but we do use its antonym ``ruthless'' when we want to depict someone as lacking beauty and compassion.
A contronym or autantonym is a polysemous word where one of the meanings is the antonym of another--that is, a word which is its own opposite [10].
In addition, the current study used SAT scores that emphasized critical reading, grid-in math items, and calculator use, and de-emphasized antonym items (Bridgeman, McCamley- Jenkins, and Ervin, 2000).
an unusual macaronic antonym charade, French "us" = English "no us"
Here are some more examples of split antonym exchanges:
Here are several antonym pairs that illustrate this.