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Therefore, the semantic relation between these cognates would seem nearly antonymic.
He went on to say: "With the advent of deploying 3G network, providing live video streaming through wireless applications is cutting edge and gives end users the opportunity to access content almost anywhere in an antonymic fashion.
An antonymic couplet consists of a pair of two-word phrases in which the first words are adjectives that are antonyms of one another and the second words are rhyming nouns.
Not synonymic or antonymic pairs--I'm collecting those as a separate project.
Antonymic, or near antonymic, ostrich transposals are also rare:
Other good anacrograms include IS 'I'm sure', WIT 'what it takes', CAT 'catch a thief', and the antonymic WOOS 'walk out on someone'.
God/dog and stressed/desserts are bubbles off antonymic plumb.
44) introduced both synonymic and antonymic reversals.