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N+N [right arrow] N compounding with antonymous words jer + sub: In the Dictionary of the Old Turkic Language, the meaning of the compound word is given as 'land' or'continent'.
As emphasized by the editing that places these two moments in immediate relation to each other, then, Cohen's shifting extra-linguistic behaviors create a compelling sense of his multifaceted and often antonymous personality.
Mansha Butt added that Murray College Sialkot would be given antonymous body status, adding that step was being taken keeping in view the importance and alma mater of Allama Iqbal while board of governors had already been constituted.
The implications of their opposite (but not exactly antonymous) forms are also similar: przebierac w slowach 'to use excessively mild terms to express your opinion' corresponds to the sense present in mincing manner 'a prim manner, one of affected delicacy' (Brewer).
Two potential referents are deemed to be opposed if they have most of their properties in common according to ConceptNet (Liu and Singh 2004) but also have at least one property with opposite (antonymous) values.
(Amis 24) The text of the oath is then quoted, (10) and Soul observes "Tod had a good laugh at that...." Given all the reversals, it seems not unreasonable to ask whether the sentence is or is not antonymous: did Tod laugh or did he cry?
The Kims' oppositional nationalist NIC is at the core of the regime's traditional official ideology of Juche (ch'uche), which has been loosely translated as "self-reliance" or "Korea first" and is antonymous with sadaejuui, meaning serving or relying upon a foreign power.
Dawn and evening are parallel and antonymous (marking the opposite ends of a day), but also supplement each other (adding up into a full day).
Here, it proved possible to represent 60 personality traits as points in a unified spatial model, accounting for their semantic structure, those with similar meanings (according to data from GPA-sorting) being adjacent, and those with antonymous meanings (according to O-sorting) being diametrically opposite.
square, circle, for 'triangle'), cannot correlate with predictable meanings for the simple reason that the prototypical features of antonymous words are incompatible, mutually excluding, and therefore cannot motivate the interpretation of new naming units.
However, those imbued with the liberatory spirit--and of these there are many--see the universal oppression of women in similar (although occasionally antonymous in its particular) terms as universal feminists of other (i.e.
However, because free-text searching lacks a semantic base, it cannot support meaningful distinctions between these two classes, and, because it exemplifies the very simplest of structures (i.e., two antonymous classes), a free-text retrieval system cannot contribute to an information environment that will support or enhance the value of system output through the establishment of meaningful context.