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While the very word, "retirement," seems antonymous to working, the Baby Boomers feel younger than their actual years (younger Boomers feel 10 years younger than their actual age, older Boomers 13); they accept and embrace working into "traditional" retirement years; and no longer see retirement as an end game.
This suggests that antonymous words have a similar context.
The words ema and isa stand in an antonymous relation as contrasted by the gender aspect, but at the same time the two share the parental aspect.
The other problem with tracked vehicles is more subjective, but important, as they convey a much more aggressive image to a local population, which makes it antonymous with the idea of the peace they are supposed to restore.
It does share the relatively frequent collocate side, in expressions such as "look on the bright side," but the expression is not clearly antonymous to "a dark side," which generally refers to someone's personality rather than a situation more generally.
It appears to be antonymous to a metaphorical sense of darken, which is also used to describe the effects of emotion on people's eyes and faces.
sense antonymous to perfective, as the term would suggest, but simply unmarked, open to interpretation (cf.
Southern leaders, most of them former combatants now run the affairs of the antonymous region.