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As a result, because the anular rings are not reinforced in the posterolateral direction, the anulus fibrosus is susceptible to injury, and common injury mechanisms involve excessive, highly forceful IVD loading or axial rotation.
Implanted between the anulus and the nucleus, the Barricaid creates a mechanical barrier, allowing the surgeon to leave more nucleus within the disc.
Surgeons have tried many different techniques over the years to repair the anulus including sutures, glues, and clips with very limited success.
Sag ventrikul sistolik fonksiyon gostergelerinden olan trikuspit anulus duzey sapmasi (TAPSE), apikal dort bosluk goruntude sag ventrikul lateral trikuspit anulus ile ultrason fan orijini arasindaki trasede diyastol sonu ve sistol sonu cizgiler arasindaki fark (ms) alinarak yapildi (7).
This new patent claim protects RayMedica's concept that the PDN device supports the vertebrae above the disc, independent of the surrounding disc structure, called the anulus.
Commenting on the financing, Rich Lunsford, Anulex's President and Chief Executive Officer, said, "This financing will give us the ability to complete the enrollment and follow-up phases of our ground-breaking Xclose post market clinical study with the goal of providing further evidence to support the benefits of preservation and repair of the anulus.
Hastalarin demografik ve klinik ozellikleri Yas, Hasta yil Cinsiyet DM HT HPLD Sigara KKH 1 59 E + + + 2 22 E + 3 58 K + + Obez 4 23 K + 5 57 K + + + 6 47 E + 7 49 E + 8 53 E + + KOAH 9 56 E + + 10 63 E + + 11 67 K + + + 12 62 E + 13 60 E + MI, SAP, Aort Anulus Hasta USAP CCS EF, % capi, cm capi, cm AY 1 MI, SAP 2 60 5.
Entitled "Method for Anchoring Surgical Suture to Bone," and "Spinal Anulus Cutter," the patents protect the method and surgical instrumentation employed to implant RayMedica's PDN device within the nucleus of a diseased disc.
McCormick, Anulex's President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "This growth capital loan provides additional resources for increased investment in our commercialization efforts and product pipeline, as we complete enrollment in our post market clinical study to further prove the benefits of preservation and repair of the anulus.