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The structure of perceived emotional control: Psychometric properties of a revised Anxiety Control Questionnaire.
Short Form of the Anxiety Control Questionnaire children (ACQ-C, Weems, 2005)
Self-efficacy theory: a positive approach to anxiety control.
The molecule regulates important brain functions such as memory, learning and anxiety control, and is weakened by ageing.
Further suggestions of rapid healing and anxiety control were given.
This guide for dental students details techniques in sedation for pain and anxiety control.
Table 1 Number of Hits for Major Anxiety Instruments in PsycINFO (2000-2005) Rank Order f Beck Anxiety Inventory 148 Anxiety Sensitivity Index 125 Children's Manifest Anxiety Scale 80 State-Trait Anxiety Inventory- Children 78 Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale 66 State-Trait Anxiety Inventory-Adults 55 Penn State Worry Questionnaire 51 Fear Survey Schedule 45 Test Anxiety Inventory 19 Taylor Manifest Anxiety Inventory 18 Worry Domains Questionnaire 16 Zung Self-Rating Anxiety Scale 14 Depression-Anxiety Stress Scale 12 Thought Control Questionnaire 10 Endler Multidimensional Anxiety Scales 7 IPAT Anxiety Scale 6 Anxiety Control Questionnaire 6 Mood and Anxiety Symptom Questionnaire 5 Health Anxiety Questionnaire 5
There are embedded video clips within the CD-ROM that cover such topics as: instrument sharpening, pain and anxiety control, periodontal probing, and powered instrumentation.