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said Alice, always ready to make herself useful, and looking anxiously about her.
The Professor looked anxiously in my direction, and seemed to look through and through me without seeing me.
I think I will have a flutter if you don't mind," said Philip anxiously.
Dorothea's eyes followed her husband anxiously, while he sank down wearily at the end of a sofa, and resting his elbow supported his head and looked on the floor.
but he sat still and shivered and looked anxiously at the kettle.
He gazed once more into her face, at the brown eyes watching him now a little anxiously, the mouth with the humorous twitch at the corner of her lips.
Clausen asked anxiously, as they waited at the shaft.
I wish Steve would just cut up and see if she's there, since I can't go," began Mac, anxiously.
I have been thinking about you anxiously in the wakeful hours of the night.
Anxiously Bruce watched for the light, and at last he saw it.
Don't let Small Anne Cordelia spoil her clothes," warned Diana anxiously.
His disciples, however, sat around him in long night-watches, and waited anxiously to see if he would awake, and speak again, and recover from his affliction.